The A to Z of Alarplasty

Updated on May 11, 2022

Nowadays, the modern world seeks a beautiful face and body in such a situation plastic surgeries have become very common. Contouring the nose and getting it into a desirable shape is one such highly demanded surgery. Across the globe. Some commonly used surgeries to shape modify or alter your nose includes rhinoplasty and other kinds of Botox and fillers. But another such surgery that Alters your nose is alarplasty, which is not very common. Alarplasty is also known as a light base reduction surgery. People who have a look of nasal flaring. And those who want to make the nose. Look more symmetrical. Usually, choose this particular cosmetic surgery.

But there are certain eligibility criteria for an alarplasty. Technically, alae are the fleshy parts of your nose. That connects the face to the nostrils of your nose. 

Depending upon your natural face. They can have various shape sizes and structures. The procedure of alarplasty, carves out the Unwanted portion of alae, changing the shape of your nose. 

People who have already undergone rhinoplasty surgery might want to redefine the shape of their nose, using an alarplasty. It is important that the patient is in good health and does not smoke because smoking can cause the results from the surgery to fade away quite quickly. If you have already undergone any previous, surgical procedure, it is important that you should be healed from it before you operate once again. 

The Alarplasty Surgery Procedure

The first step like any other cosmetic surgery procedure involves a detailed consultation with your surgeon of what are your exact desires? And whether they are practical enough or not. The doctor would do some X-rays and tell you what to expect. 

Within the surgery, after the doctor gives you anesthesia, the surgery would involve making an incision. There is various incision technique used in an anaplasty, like the sill, weir, and wedge.

After making an incision. The surgeon will remove the unwanted Alae portion from your nose. 

And the operated area would be dressed with bandages and stitches. Post-surgery several medications and guidelines by the doctor should be followed to avoid any negative reaction.

Important Information Not to Miss About the Surgery

The recovery period from alarplasty ranges from two to three weeks.

The potential deadly complication that can arise from this surgery or scarring of your nose, infection leading from the wound due to operation. Or sudden discharge of pus from the surgical area. That is why it is very important to undergo This surgery in safe hands and with good doctors. Typically the surgery of a large plastic procedure costs between two thousand USD to 3000 USD. But other factors such as the geographical location where the surgery is being performed and the experience of the doctor, May contribute hugely to the numbers.

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