Multi-specialty on-demand virtual medical services powered by EHR and RCM during a pandemic and growth


Javeed Siddiqui, MD, MPH, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer created TeleMed2U with the mission to increase access to quality specialist care. What started initially as a passion to serve underserved and underprivileged communities, has now grown into a thriving telemedicine practice serving patients, clinics, hospitals and health plans of every kind and type nationwide. Today, TeleMed2U has over 100 clinical providers as well as administrative, and technical personnel, and is one of the most prominent telemedicine practices in the United States that specializes in behavioral health, diabetes & endocrinology, infectious disease, dermatology, rheumatology and other conditions.

An early advocate of telehealth since 2011, TeleMed2U’s multi-specialty on-demand virtual medical services approach has always been designed for patients to talk to a licensed doctor, therapist or medical specialist anywhere by phone or video. Because of COVID’s impact on telehealth this past year, TeleMed2U tripled in size, experienced rapid growth, expanded into new areas and acquired several other practices including Specialty Clinic of Austin (Behavioral Health), Medzino (online doctor and pharmacy) and BBRA (behavioral research). This led to more telehealth patient encounters and increased volume dramatically, especially infectious diseases. 


To support its telemedicine practices over the past seven years, DrChrono’s cloud-based EHR and RCM platform has been an integral part of TeleMed2U’s technology infrastructure managing the entire patient experience. DrChrono RCM has been a key component to help their practices streamline and process billing and insurance claims all in one place. 
Dr. Siddiqui commented, “DrChrono has been easy to maintain and deploy to our providers throughout the country as well as manage the marked increase in patient data that we’ve experienced throughout our growth. Our staff requires a medical platform that is accessible from not only their computer but from their iPads. Other EHRs on the market can’t match the remote capabilities and ease of use that DrChrono provides. DrChrono’s iOS compatibility has been a key feature for many of our providers that are hardware-specific.”

With DrChrono, our providers have access to highly customizable templates. These templates allow our providers to create specialty-specific notes. These detailed templates allow for efficacy in telehealth and provide for appropriate documentation during visits and necessary for all the different specialties they treat. Over the years, DrChrono has allowed TeleMed2U charting to 100% paper-free. We utilize the electronic fax feature, coupled with the laboratory integration, our providers are able to complete their consultations and documentation completely online, electronically.

“Being a telemedicine-based multi-specialty clinic practice, TeleMed2U was uniquely positioned at the start of the global pandemic to continue to service its existing client base and to accommodate the significant growth in telemedicine caused by SAR-CoV-2. With our partners including DrChrono, TeleMed2U was able to meet the increased demand for telemedicine, bring forth new providers and continue to increase access to care. DrChrono was essential in the support it provided and the inherent functionality of its software to allow us to be successful in these challenging times,” said Dr. Siddiqui.

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