Talkspace review: pros and cons

Updated on October 19, 2021

Talkspace is one of the largest providers of online therapy, so many patients have found it to be an excellent alternative to in-office therapy. However, nothing is perfect, so this Talkspace review will cover the pros and cons of this service. For more information, Everyday Health has another Talkspace review.

Talkspace review: pros

One of the greatest benefits of Talkspace is the fact that it offers psychiatry services in addition to online therapy for adults. This is an excellent option for those who need medication to aid in their recovery. It is also a low-cost way for patients with treatable medical conditions to get the diagnosis and medication they need without having to go to a psychiatrist’s office.

Talkspace matches new patients with three therapists and allows them to choose which one to work with. Additionally, it’s easy to change therapists if you find that the one you selected initially isn’t working for you.

The platform is an inexpensive way to get therapy, although the least expensive plan does not offer live therapy sessions. However, many patients find that text, video and audio therapy work just as well as live therapy. Talkspace offers multiple packages at different price points for patients who are concerned about how much it costs.

The company’s least expensive plan may be an excellent option for those who have to pay out of pocket and are worried about the cost. Patients can send messages to their therapist 24 hours a day, seven days a week, although they may not get a response right away.

Talkspace also doesn’t require a contract, which means you can cancel at any time. The company utilizes licensed counselors, psychologists and therapists so that you never have to worry about whether the therapist you have selected is qualified to help you. Talkspace also accepts some insurance plans, so you might be able to get help paying for your therapy.

Cons of Talkspace

Unfortunately, Talkspace’s counselors cannot provide a medical diagnosis to patients. To receive one, they must utilize the company’s psychiatry services. Additionally, while you can send a message to your therapist around the clock, you will only get a response five times a week. For some patients, a long delay in receiving a response can be detrimental.

Another potential issue with Talkspace is the fact that all of its plans do not include live therapy sessions. While not using live therapy can save money, many patients need that one-on-one live contact with their therapist in order to heal. Additionally, Talkspace is not covered by Medicaid or Medicare.

There are many Talkspace reviews available in multiple places. While the company typically has pretty good reviews, some patients do mention issues with billing, problems settling those issues via phone or live chat, unanswered messages and even counselor no-shows.

This Talkspace review touches on all the most important aspects of working with the company. Some patients will find great success and healing, although others may keep searching.

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