SxanPro and NotiSphere Partner to Remove Recalled Products from Hospital Inventories

Updated on November 15, 2023

SxanPro, a healthcare inventory technology company, today announced a new partnership with NotiSphere, innovators in medical recall notification. Together, the two companies help hospitals identify and handle recalled products within their inventory, reducing patient risk and improving operational efficiency.

SxanPro’s patented, mobile inventory technology allows hospitals to scan and use the Unique Device Identifier (UDI), which captures 10+ critical manufacturer data points, including the reference number, lot number, and serial number. This tool has become essential for healthcare facilities nationwide, allowing them to quickly and effectively manage their inventory with unparalleled visibility. NotiSphere’s recall management software complements this by providing up-to-date recall information. As part of the partnership, by matching the manufacturer data collected in a SxanPro inventory to NotiSphere’s recall dataset, healthcare facilities using SxanPro will receive a monthly recall report specific to their hospital, ensuring they are quickly informed about any recalled products that are still sitting on their shelves.

Ashlea Souffrou, Founder and CEO of SxanPro, emphasized the benefits of the partnership: “Our mobile technology already makes it easier for hospitals to know what they have on their shelves, even in non-PAR locations where items are often missed, giving visibility to manufacturer data, lot numbers, and serial numbers. With NotiSphere, we’re taking it a step further by ensuring that if something has been recalled, our hospitals find out quickly and can take action fast.”

“Hospital staff work tirelessly to prevent recalled devices from ever reaching patients. However, the current industry alert system often falls short, as demonstrated by the recurring discovery of recalled products on procedural area shelves. Our collaboration with SxanPro represents a significant step forward in our commitment to enhancing patient safety. Through this partnership, we aim to bridge the gaps in identifying previously overlooked recalled products and ensure that hospital staff is promptly informed,” stated Guillermo Ramas, Founder and CEO of NotiSphere.

This partnership represents not only the shared vision of SxanPro and NotiSphere for a safer healthcare environment but also their commitment to innovation and leadership in the healthcare technology space. 

Healthcare providers interested in learning more about the SxanPro and NotiSphere partnership are encouraged to contact SxanPro at

About SxanPro

SxanPro, LLC is a healthcare inventory technology company that offers a complete product line to hospitals that immediately and accurately manages medical supply and capital asset inventories using the UDI. Its patented mobile technology creates inventory visibility, helps recover lost dollars from unused and product overstock, and provides a digital solution to manual inventory processes that allows hospitals to gain control, reduce waste, and recover resources.

About NotiSphere

NotiSphere establishes direct connections between medical device suppliers and healthcare organizations, facilitating seamless communication and real-time management of a wide spectrum of medical device supply disruptions. Our vision is to transform how the healthcare industry manages supply chain challenges, significantly reducing processing times, cutting costs for medical device suppliers, and ushering in a new era of sustainability by minimizing the environmental impact of traditional industry processes.

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