Surrogacy: Pros and Cons

Updated on April 1, 2019

Imagine a topic that is so controversial and debatable, capable of causing fierce disputes in any company of any age and gender, a topic on which hypocrites speculate, but at the same time, many people see healthy sense in their warnings. Yes, you got it; we will speak about surrogacy agencies and their legal aspects.

Modern living conditions do not require women to give birth all their lives, starting from the age of 14. This, of course, has its advantages, but such free disposal by its reproductive function (or the sacred duty to multiply, choose which term do you like more) created the problem of mass infertility. The high costs associated with the birth of children in modern society and opportunity to live for one selves have created a situation in which the breeding instinct competes with economic and social motives.

This situation leads to the fact that most modern 21st centuries families in developed countries have no more than two children; moreover, these children are born in late age. The reproductive function, as we know, degrades with age, and the decision to have a child after 30 years old may causes many problems. Firstly, people try to solve their problems themselves (but after several failures) large number of families start the search for a professional surrogacy agency, which offers clear & convenient conditions, relevant price & the list of suitable surrogate mothers. 

Who is a surrogate mother?

Official definition: “A surrogate mother is a woman who bears and gives birth to a child for someone who for some reason cannot do this. She is carrying a genetically foreign child whose embryo was obtained as a result of an IVF procedure from biological parents.”

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This simplified definition already contains so many challenges to traditional ideas about family, marriage, childbirth and the usual idea of life in general that it is quite naturally subject to harsh criticism.

People are afraid of becoming “reproduction machines”, although no one forces them to be surrogate mothers. People ask us to think about “universal values”, forgetting that these values are related to the right and possibility of carrying a child. People talk about “immorality and sinful practice,” forgetting that not the whole planet professes their morality and agrees with their concept of sin. People tend to see in all new and unusual threats, especially when this new one concerns the most intimate and protected taboo phenomenon – birth of a person.

Surrogacy as a phenomenon clearly exists today only in the legal aspect, because it is almost impossible to take into account all the different points of view, opinions based on personal and group preferences.

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