Super Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Updated on May 12, 2023
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Wrinkles are a natural part of your aging process, especially on those parts of the body which are exposed to sunlight, such as face, hands, neck and forearms. They are the result of lack of elasticity and moisture of the skin. But onset of uninvited wrinkles probably is one thing none of you ever wishes to see.

For many people, wrinkles appear between the ages of 40 to 50, as your skin starts to lose its natural moisturizer, resistance as well as thickness. Even genetics play a major role in the development of wrinkles. In addition to this, wrinkles can be caused by an unbalanced diet and smoking. However, wrinkles usually become a big concern in people’s life after 30, especially for women, as they are more concerned about how their body and skin look.

Nowadays, there are several over-the-counter skin creams available. These creams contain the much needed vitamin-A, that is derived antioxidants, retinoid and a protein known as collagen. They not only help in reducing fine wrinkles but also even out one’s skin color and texture. But these types of skin creams are quite expensive, and their daily usage can easily disturb your budget.

Here are some very effective natural home remedies to get rid of wrinkles:

  • Natural oils and herbs

Early aging signs can be treated with the help of some amazing essential oils. The benefits of argan oil, grape seed, rose and sandalwood are great for skin of all different types. They work much faster, more effectively and simpler as compared to trying or experimenting with several chemical products available in the stores.

To get rid of wrinkles at home, try using the extracts aloe Vera, turmeric, cucumber, amla, honey, Ginseng, Liqourice, and wheat, they have numerous healing properties. These are commonly used in several anti-aging products too. By just applying aloe Vera gel to the skin daily, significantly reduces appearance of wrinkles, adds collagen and even hydrates your skin. All these are also natural sources of Vitamin C, hydration, and antioxidants, providing excellent nutrition to your skin.

Many natural herbs mostly find their way in anti-aging ingredients. They can be in the form of moisturizer, serum, cream, oil or facial mask. Some herbs can also be taken orally, helping greatly in encouraging skin rejuvenation.

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  • Apply an SPF filter

Excessive exposure to sun rays increases your chances to have wrinkles. Better to opt for a bleaching cream or lotion with a shielding action which protects against both types of ultraviolet – UVB and UVA and with sun protection factor 30.

You can even consider wearing a suitable sun hat; the one which has an inner lining made of strong canvas and large edges.

  • Copper-oxide or silk pillow cases
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Another preventive way to get rid of wrinkles at home is choosing to sleep on the right kind of pillow case. A copper-oxide pillowcase can help to reduce fine lines on your skin. Even a silk pillowcase contains proteins and has hypoallergenic properties too; therefore, it is easy on skin.

  • Good skincare regime

By following a rigid skin care routine, you can definitely improve your skin and prevent it from aging. Cleanse, moisturize, religiously use sunscreen and exfoliate well, once a week.

During the evening, add serum in any anti-aging regime. Serums are important due their perfect formulation that allows your skin to absorb further nutrients. The proper skincare largely helps protect your epidermis, maintains its overall hydration and thus, supports a healthy barrier.

  • Super foods
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The foods which are rich in overall health-benefitting nutrients are mostly referred to as super foods. According to study, men and women with healthy eating food habits had lesser wrinkles. In the same way, women who ate more fruits and vegetables had fewer wrinkles as compared to those who ate junk food and meat.

There are many super foods which appear to prevent unwanted wrinkles and boost your health. Some of them are: chia seeds, artichokes, egg whites, miso, ginger, salmon, oatmeal, walnuts, tomatoes, cinnamon, sardines, sweet potatoes and avocadoes.

  • Massage 
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Many people prefer a good massage to reduce fine lines. Experts say that – daily facial massage done using fingers and applying pressure for 5 to 6 minutes can really help. It actually reduces your stress. 

Remember, even lifestyle choices drastically affect your skin’s texture and appearance. Keep your skin well hydrated. Avoid smoking that could dry and then wrinkle your skin. Make it point to take a healthy diet, which is rich in vegetables and fruits and low in processed foods, in order to reduce the risk of wrinkles. 

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