Succeeding as a Massage Therapist in 7 Steps

Updated on August 15, 2019
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If you are someone that has put in the time and effort to become a licensed massage therapist, you may also be interested in how to move-up in the industry. Now that you are a professional, you most certainly would love to have a successful trajectory for your career, but you may not be clear as how to do this. Below are some helpful tips that will aid in your advancement as a massage therapist.

1. Keep Learning

You may have all the qualifications to be a licensed massage therapist, but everyone could use some brushing up. Knowledge in this field is continually evolving and new perspectives on techniques and massage applications are regularly being updated. Refresher courses or courses with new takes on old techniques are perfect to keep you at the forefront of the profession.

2. Meet Other Therapists

Expand your knowledge by meeting other therapists. Although two therapists may know the same techniques and possess the same skills, their perspectives will differ a little. When they get together and speak about their work, they will enlighten each other because everyone does and sees everything a little differently. Join an association or go to a conference and join in on the exchange of ideas.

3. Obtain Adequate Insurance

While professionals know accidents happen, it is vital to protect both yourself and your client. This is why therapists will get insurance. Massage therapy insurance information is important to understand because the right insurance can save your finances in the event of an unforeseeable accident with a client.

4. Price It Right

Knowing how to price your services is key. In any given market, there may be a wide range of pricing coming out of the massage therapist community. If you are an independent contractor, you must set a price that not only makes it worthwhile for you financially but is also palatable to the market. Compare and contrast the different rates being advertised by other therapists with what you have to offer to help you get an idea.

5. Think Expansion

Constantly think about how you can grow. In business and organizational theory, any organization or business that does not grow will eventually come to an end. Depending on your situation, growth could mean many things such as taking on more clients or expanding your hours of service. No matter how you choose to do it, growth is essential for you continued success.

6. Be Professional

It is important to maintain professional standards as a massage therapist to achieve long-term success. This applies to every aspect of the business, from your equipment to your communications with clients and other businesses. Professional massage therapists are meticulously clean and reliable. They are a pleasure to do business with and this helps them thrive over time.

7. Be Friendly

No matter how great of a therapist you are, you must also be friendly if you want to be successful. People trust you with their bodies and are not going to return to someone who treats them rudely. That being said, don’t go overboard and pour too much kindness onto your clients. This may also make them feel uncomfortable.

If you have obtained a license to be a massage therapist — congratulations! This means you are already on your way to being successful. By keeping the above principles in mind as you work, you will see that success is achievable.

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