Strategies for Improving Office Parking Lot Safety

Updated on June 14, 2021
Strategies for Improving Office Parking Lot Safety

If there’s any place where people should feel safe, it’s a medical facility. But medical office parking lots can be a mix of clashing elements. There may be speeding drivers late for their appointments, blind spots, and patients with disabilities. Make sure your property isn’t hazardous to anyone with these strategies for improving office parking lot safety.

Light It Up

Is your parking lot adequately lit at night? If it isn’t, the area can become a significant safety hazard. It won’t be easy to park at night if drivers can’t see the spaces or other parked vehicles. To mitigate this, set up some bright LED floodlights to illuminate your office parking lot.

Control the Traffic Flow

You can do a lot to prevent accidents by controlling the traffic flow with signage. Signs include:

  • No left turn signs
  • One way signs
  • Stop signs at intersections
  • Exit signs with arrows
  • Do not enter signs

You can use these to communicate with your drivers. This way, they won’t drive the wrong way down a lane or exit through the entrance. Clear signage can do a lot to prevent accidents and keep your office parking lot safe.

Limit the Speed

Just because it’s a parking lot doesn’t mean that drivers won’t speed. If you don’t have any speed limit signs up, drivers will assume they can drive as fast as they want.

Placing speed limit signs around the lot isn’t the only way you can limit the speed of drivers. Speed bumps are also viable solutions, and they work very well. If you’re strategic in your speed bump arrangements, you can significantly reduce the speed at which motorists can drive.

Clearly Designate Parking Lanes

Is the paint worn down on your office parking lot? If so, it will help to add a fresh coat of paint immediately. One of the best ways to keep your motorists safe is to designate the parking lanes clearly. This includes marking all accessible parking spots with blue paint and the appropriate signage. You should also mark fire lanes and no parking zones.

These are some fundamental strategies for improving office parking lot safety. If you run the parking lot for your office, follow this guide to keep your employees as safe as possible. Parking lots can present lots of dangers, but these strategies will help you mitigate them all.