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Updated on June 14, 2021
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Computer vision is currently one of the hottest topics in the context of artificial intelligence and modern technologies. This technology, also known as CV for short, is an area of research that tries to develop techniques helping computers “see” and interpret the content of digital images, such as photos and videos. In this article, we will look at the leading companies involved in providing computer vision solutions, thanks to which we can use this technology more and more often in both professional and private life.

The applied science of computer vision extends into many fields. From simple household tasks to recognizing human faces, detecting objects in autonomous vehicles, or fighting enemies in a war, computer vision is the tremendous technology that gives AI-enabled devices an advantage to see and interpret images. As a result, even such industries as real estate, retail, and even dentistry are already using computer vision.

Top 9 machine vision technology solution providers

Let’s take a look at the best computer vision solution providers who currently have the most significant impact on the development and diffusion of this technology in the world.


This AI consulting company is based in Warsaw, Poland, but they also have offices in New York and Los Angeles. Addepto’s activities are focused on business solutions that use machine learning and data science technologies. By conducting consultations on data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning (among others), the Addepto team helps companies around the world use the data they collect and innovate their business faster. In addition, the specialization of this AI consulting company is predictive analytics, computer vision, deep learning, and operation on large datasets.


SenseTime is a Chinese company that is a leading global provider of AI algorithms and one of the most efficient manufacturers of AI algorithms in the world. The company mainly develops deep learning and computer vision technologies for industries such as education, healthcare, smart cities, automotive, finance, retail, communication, and entertainment. SenseTime’s flagship product is facial recognition technology that can be used to make payments. This solution also enables the verification of bank cards and security systems using computer vision.


The Boston-based company was founded by an engineer who created the Roomba autonomous vacuum robot. Veo Robotics aims to simplify one of the most challenging tasks in the production process as much as possible. In addition, they improve the cooperation between man and machine. The company mainly produces robots that can work without problems and safely in humans’ presence, and even cooperate. The latest product of Veo FreeMove is a technology that effectively combines computer vision with 3D depth detection technology. Thanks to this, it is possible to establish a safe cooperation between industrial robots and people or other unknown objects in the production hall.


Onfido is a highly dynamic startup from Great Britain, which helps companies worldwide digitally verify people’s identity. Technological solutions provided by the company based on artificial intelligence and CV allow for the verification of users’ identity documents and then their comparison with biometric data of the face. Thanks to this, enterprises using this technology receive all the necessary data to remotely and simultaneously serve their customers in a completely safe way.


Nauto provides drivers around the world with an intelligent safety platform that operates in real time. Using artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning, Nauto allows you to predict, prevent, and reduce high-risk incidents while driving. Thus, drivers can anticipate potential collisions before they happen, and thanks to AI-based sensors and alerts, they have more time to react. In addition to avoiding collisions, the platform also allows for driver training and effective claims management.


Another company on our list is based in the USA. Clarify is a leading expert in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision. Clarifai’s image and video recognition technology is based on the most advanced machine learning systems and is easily accessible via a clean API. This enables developers around the world to create intelligent next-generation applications. Clarify provides solutions for many industries, including aviation, insurance, manufacturing, tourism, banking, and entertainment.


New York-based Pearl is one of the leading companies in providing intelligent dental technology. The company’s mission is to make artificial intelligence an active dental assistant and a trustworthy source of information for the patient. Pearl provides physicians with AI-based solutions to help them identify patient problems early and accurately. One of their newest and most advanced products is the technology that reads and interprets dental images based on computer vision. This enables doctors to identify pathology and make a diagnosis just seconds after scanning x-rays of the teeth.


Athena Security from Austin, Texas, specializes in providing intelligent security solutions. Their technology is designed to help law enforcement protect citizens and improve surveillance and security standards using AI tools. For example, computer vision technology is used to detect firearms in real-time. In addition, when an advanced system detects a dangerous tool on a person, it will immediately alert security or law enforcement about the potential threat. Today, Athena Security is used by many schools, religious institutions, and businesses. In 2019, the number of installed cameras offered by this company was 1000.


Based in New York, Code Ocean does not provide computer vision-related tools and technologies but provides a platform where researchers and other CV writers can publish information about their projects in open source languages. Unique researchers publish and have access to thousands of study results organized and stored for quick sharing and re-use. The platform features numerous studies and publications related to computer vision. It is an excellent source of reliable information for all users and entities who, professionally or privately, want to broaden their CV-related knowledge.

Who is the leader in computer vision?

By compiling the subjective list of the best computer vision solution providers above, we wanted to show you how widely CV can be used and how diverse technologies are offered by the largest companies in the world operating in this fascinating sector of AI. We hope that thanks to this list, you will discover some great opportunities lying in computer vision.

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