Strategic Growth Through M&A

Updated on January 16, 2022
Mark Dohnalek
Mark Dohnalek

Four years ago, when Mark Dohnalek acquired Pivot International, the Kansas-based design, product development, and manufacturing firm with success in medical device, fitness and healthcare technology products. He promised growth and has delivered.  With over three decades of global experience, Dohnalek stepped into his role with a vision and a plan that included smart and strategic M&A. 

Below is a Q&A with Mark Dohnalek on what they have done and what lies ahead.

1.  Tell us about Pivot International.  We are a one-stop-solution for our customers to taking them from idea to product to patent to compliance to distribution. Our expertise is in software development, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and industrial design.  We provide the seamless convenience of working with a U.S. company and the financial advantages of in-house international tooling, procurement and manufacturing. Some of our healthcare manufacturing a heart rate monitor which controls algorithms that can be found on treadmills, bikes, and cross trainers around the world and pulse monitoring solutions with a telemetry receiver that collects heart rate from all popular pulse transmitters with custom solutions for pulse monitoring through hand grips and a proven ear clip.

2.  Pivot has had two M&As since the year started.  What are they, and what is the Pivot M&A strategy moving forward?

In January, we acquired Mid-Continent Custom Electronics, a company that manufactures control boxes for manufacturing equipment, sensors, and components for intercom systems, among other products. And this March, we also acquired DigitTron Technologies Inc., which will expand Pivot’s capabilities in quick-turnaround circuit board layout, prototype building, and large-scale U.S.-based manufacturing. We plan to continue to make strategic acquisitions in order to expand our technological engineering and manufacturing capabilities in the U.S., while also growing our resources in Asia and the UK to serve European customers. This will provide Pivot’s customers with highest quality, rapid-design, cost-efficient manufacturing – all which are necessary for advanced medical device and healthcare-related products.

3.  What are the 3 questions all companies should ask when seeking a partner for product development?

First, what type of products do they have experience developing? What is their skill set as far as prototyping? So many people neglect to match their product idea with the right prototyper, and as a result, don’t get the best results.

Second, do they have someone on location with the manufacturer who will keep up with communication and ensure that there are no supply chain issues? Whether manufacturing is happening in Asia or elsewhere, that on-the-ground presence is crucial to avoiding problems.

And thirdly, how far along your journey of product development can they take you? There are a lot of firms that do just prototyping, or just engineering, or that are just manufacturing contractors. But there aren’t many companies like ours, who take you from back-of-a-napkin brainstorming all the way to manufacturing and selling your finished product.

“M&A requires a serious and purposeful approach. This year we acquired two companies and our plan is to continue growth through M&A for a long time to come,” said Mark Dohnalek, President & CEO of Pivot International. “We are creating more jobs, products, and revenue here in the U.S., while continuing to leverage our global support operations to deliver the most efficient solutions for our customers worldwide.”   For more info, visit

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