Storage Ideas For The Modern Home

How much thought have you put into storage when you look at your own home? If you’re a neat freak or someone who wants to explore the world of being organized, you’re in luck! Today we will be diving on some simple storage ideas that will make your home a little bit more presentable than it already is.

Before anything else, make sure to continually improve those techniques to be able to maximize your valuable floor space and make the most out of your time. Granted you’re here for my tips on how to best make use of your space. Now, let’s begin!


Keep Your Trash Neatly Tucked Away At Home

Just like any other home, your waste has to be disposed of immediately with trash can sizes ranging from small to large garbage bins at the back. There are many ideas as to how such an unappealing prospect of your home could be salvaged by creating a space specifically for your trash that can be either tucked or hidden away.

Try making a storage space specifically for your trash with decorations that can hide the ugliness of trash and compliment the colors of the surroundings. As for garbage bins that are big and bulky, the trick is again, creating a barrier that looks just a welcome addition to your yard or space. 

You might find it a little extra, but trust me when I say that you’ll thank yourself for it later. Oh, and don’t forget about keeping a can or two of disinfectant spray to make sure that the garbage doesn’t smell after an extended period. It’s good to be prepared and always make it a habit to take out the trash right away and not wait for it to be full to the brim. 

Maximize The Heck Out Of Your Limited Space

Regardless if you have a home that’s built for a king or a studio apartment that barely fits everything you need, they both have storage spaces and should be managed correctly. A large percentage of people love to leave their furniture, gear, or items anywhere. 

Regardless of that habit, it’s best to replace it with storage ideas like double-duty furniture or even bicycle storage! The sky’s the limit on how creative you want to be for you to fix all your clutter better. Go for ideas like substitute closet space, add incremental storage, leave no nooks unturned, staggered shelves, and whatever you feel like creating for that valuable space in your home. 

Go DIY and be rewarded with your hard work as well as you have an idea as to how to fix them if ever they go poof. If you crave for more ideas, then make sure to browse through the internet, and you will find a million ways people have their storage ideas come to life and of course, looking fine as hell. 

So don’t wait up and procrastinate, but do your home a favor and start cleaning up your home. Find the best storage ideas out there for you to work on, what else do you have going on right now anyway.

Enough About Adults, Time For The Kids

This is for all the parents out there with kids who continuously plague your home as if you’re on a battlefield with various traps and landmines you will most probably step on.  Yes, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you and your pleas. 

Let’s begin with some toy storage ideas that will save you a heap of trouble later on in life and make sure to remind your kids about the importance of it as well. Use old crates and stack them together to the side of their room. You can also create storage benches that can be used both for play and storage once the kids are done, use the closet for bigger toys, or even create floating shelves. 

The renovations or storage ideas used for kids might be a bit more fun and quirky compared to adults, but that’s a given since they’re more likely to forget about it if it’s just bland, right? Better add a little finesse to the room especially when it’s about your kids and for them to practice good storage practices early on in their lives. 


Valuable space can be used or misused depending on how much you can handle your storage space. And given the ideas we brought to you so far, we’re hoping that it would be more of the former than the latter. Never forget the importance of storage space and how fun it can be used depending on your creativity and taste.

You never know what you could have used for that extra space saved from decluttering your home and making it more liveable than it already is. Say goodbye to your funky messed up way of doing things and hello to the modern way of living in modern homes. Remember, always improve your storage ideas and, if possible, bring it up another level since, after all, you can always get more.

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