Stay Active Series: Fun Fitness Challenges To Help You Play At Home While You Are Stay-at-home!

Updated on July 21, 2022

Covid-19 is still stealing the fame on every news segment two years down the line. With the stay-at-home directive to curb the spread, dismissing exercise routines is easy.

A daily dose of activity offers various physical and mental health benefits. To help you stay active, we have a fun series of simple fitness challenges that you can try at home. 

Have you ever tried gymnastics? That’s our first exercise. It boosts core and shoulder strength, and enhances cardio, coordination, and balance. 

Gymnastics Fitness Challenge at Home! 

Contrary to popular opinion, there are numerous reasons everyone should try gymnastics. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits:

1. Disease Prevention

With regular and moderate gymnastics training, you minimize the risk of suffering from diseases like cancer, asthma, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. This is because gymnastics imposes a regular exercise routine, promotes a healthy diet, and encourages a balanced lifestyle. 

This type of training builds strong bones in children and reduces the osteoporosis risk later in life. Everyone stands to benefit from gymnastic participation from children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

2. Increased Flexibility

Most gymnastics classes are focused on enhancing one’s flexibility. It may mean improving leaps and jumps for those who compete in gymnastic sports. Recreational and adult gymnastics boost muscle group flexibility to minimize injury risks. Once a person’s muscles are flexible, there is a high probability that they will not strain or tear.

3. Improves Motor Skill Development and Accelerates Learning

During gymnastics training, athletes learn the art of strategically falling and continuously making small changes in movements. The ongoing adjustments train gymnasts to be aware of various movements and the consequences. This enhances coordination skills and speeds up fine motor skills in the long run. 

4. Improves Concentration

The movements in gymnastics need high concentration levels to minimize injury risks. The popular sport boosts focus and attention span, which results from advanced independent thinking and problem-solving skills from learning a new skill and completing challenging tasks. 

Still, new skills and challenging tasks vary from individual to individual. But you can expect focus and concentration improvements throughout various levels of training. Increased concentration also boosts cognitive functions and memory skills.

5. Discipline

Athletes learn discipline from an early age. This includes listening to corrections from their coaches and applying them independently. They also continue with the program with minimum supervision. Discipline and commitment are also displayed, with the ability to keep up and attend every session. 

6. Improves Strength

Gymnastics training stresses bodyweight strength to boost various athletic elements simultaneously. These include core strength, whole-body muscle extension and flexion, reflexes, and balance. If we can list the strongest athletes globally, gymnasts are undoubtedly some of them. Gymnastics strength training tones various body muscles and minimizes chronic muscle pain and soreness. 

7. Healthy Lifestyle Choices

When young people participate in competitive gymnastics, they are likely to take up a healthy lifestyle. This is because, to top schooling, the busy schedule of gymnastics training is demanding. It also boosts children’s mental health and self-esteem by overcoming fear in their training. 

8. Pregnancy Benefits

Pregnant women who participate in moderate gymnastics enhance their mental health and sleep quality. Research conducted by Kocsis et al determined that soon-to-be mothers who underwent gymnastics training significantly minimized their stress and anxiety levels compared to those who did not. 

9. Time Management

Top-performing gymnasts have been known for good grades in school. This benefit comes from learning time management skills as gymnast students have to plan weeks of schedules in advance. 


Gymnastics is a sport that everyone from children to the elderly should embrace to reap mental and physical health benefits while fostering habits that positively impact our lives. Besides, this fitness challenge is something anyone can try from the comfort of their home. Get started today!

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