Spruce Up Drab Interior Entryways with These Design Ideas

Updated on February 16, 2024

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Interior doors are essential in a home. An open entryway symbolizes opportunity and opportunity, while a close door provides security and privacy.

If you’re planning to breathe life to your interior, you should consider including doors in your decorating plan. The entrances to your bedroom, bathroom, basement, pantry, and more occupy a large portion of your visual real estate. If you want to decorate them effectively, you need to go beyond switching old knobs and locks with new ones.

Whether you’re transforming traditional wooden entryways or internal sliding glass doors, you can turn them into works of art by taking note of these design ideas:

Turn Your Door into a Chalkboard

Convert an ordinary-looking entryway into a reusable writing surface (and a conversation piece) by applying a few coats of chalkboard paint on the exterior. That is a project that you could start and complete in a weekend. When Monday rolls in, you could be writing poetry (or your to-do list for the week) on your brand new blackboard.

Decorate Your Door with Stencils

A stencil is an excellent way to beautify your interior doors regardless if you select a few, simple designs or an elaborate pattern that covers almost the whole entryway.

Not sure how to stencil a door? Follow these necessary steps:

  • Mark off the straight edges by using painter’s tape – and not masking tape. Painter’s tape is crucial, as it stops under-bleeding and prevents damaging the original door paint.
  • Use contact paper when cutting out your stencil.
  • Blot the cut-out on a piece of cloth, such as a shirt or a blanket. This process makes the paper less sticky. When you peel off the paper, you won’t risk ruining the paint on your door.
  • Use an acrylic matte medium to seal the contact paper. Then, let it dry completely.
  • Use a sponge brush to dab the acrylic paint. Once dry, peel off the contact paper and enjoy a stenciled interior entryway.

Add a Splash of Colour

Painting bright colors on your interior doors is a sure-fire way to impress house visitors and bring life to an otherwise dull space. Some gorgeous colors you could apply in your entryways are the following:

  • Twilight Blue – This mesmerizing and complex variation of blue makes your interior doors stylish and swanky.
  • Lime or Citrus Green – If you’re looking for contradiction, contrast, and juxtaposition, these two colors are your best bet. They can brighten up bland spaces, as their lively nature goes against a living space’s grey-clad exteriors.
  • Orange – This color creates a bold and warm impression on guests, especially when paired with white and deep grey.

Use Nails to Design Your Wooden Door 

Get your hammer and nails and carefully detail your doors using these materials. Adding neatly trimmed upholstery nails gives off the illusion that your interior entryways have panels.

Creating nailed panels is easy. First, create the design you want using painter’s tape. Then, create a hole for each nail using an awl and a hammer.

These simple yet effective design ideas will help you freshen up the design of your interior doors. With these suggestions, you’ll no longer see doors as mere necessities (all function and no pizzazz). Instead, you’ll look at them as the introduction and finale to each room of your home.

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