Spreading Smiles with Eagle Eye Home Care

Updated on May 1, 2024
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The function of home care services is crucial in today’s world because they provide people who need help with everyday tasks, medical attention, or emotional support with essential help. Home care services are advantageous for those who require them, but they also improve society as a whole. Home care services encourage independence, dignity, and a high standard of living by allowing people to receive care in the comfort of their own settings. This helps people feel connected and at home by preserving their independence and involvement in their communities.

Furthermore, by giving families and caregivers a break and assistance in overseeing the care of their loved ones, home care services lessen the burden on them. This relieves the stress and fatigue experienced by caregivers, enabling families to uphold wholesome relationships and lifestyles while making sure their loved ones receive the care they require. Furthermore, home care services save money for people, families, and healthcare systems by reducing the need for needless hospital stays and institutionalizations.

Additionally, as caregivers build close bonds with their patients and customize care plans to suit their specific requirements, home care services provide continuity of care and individualized support. Better health outcomes, greater client and family satisfaction, and more efficiency in the provision of treatment are the outcomes of this tailored approach.

Renata Khavin founded Eagle Eye Home Care in 2015 with the goal of helping people navigate the New York Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). This program, a Medicaid initiative by New York State, gives people with disabilities or long-term medical issues the freedom to select the caregivers they want. This procedure is aided by Eagle Eye Home Care, which provides assistance with the hiring, managing, and training of caregivers. They make certain that caregivers are aware of their obligations, rights, and benefits—including pay based on family caregiver pay rates. 

Moreover, Eagle Eye Home Care helps with comprehending eligibility requirements, application procedures, scheduling backup coverage, and other home care-related administrative duties. With a focus on individualized care, the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program enables people to enlist friends or family as caregivers. A community health assessment and clinical visit are necessary to determine eligibility for CDPAP, confirming that the patient is able to self-direct care or appoint a representative. In addition to helping people apply for Medicaid, Eagle Eye Home Care also plays a crucial role in helping people get the healthcare they need. Eagle Eye Home Care, a Licensed Home Care Services Agency, provides individualized help to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families in need, hence demonstrating the need for home care services.

For people and families in need of home care services, Eagle Eye Home Care, with its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, is a reliable partner. In order to help people access and use the CDPAP program as efficiently as possible, the company provides a variety of services, such as advice on eligibility requirements, caregiver recruiting and training, backup coverage arrangements, and administrative support.

Those who are 18 years of age or older and want to be eligible for CDPAP must have a community health assessment conducted by the NY Independent Assessor. On the other hand, a doctor’s order must be submitted to the local social services district for those under the age of eighteen. One can also apply for Medicaid in New York via the Medicaid Helpline, Managed Care Organizations, or the NY State of Health. Customers of CDPAP must manage caregiving responsibilities, make educated judgments, and keep a suitable atmosphere. In addition to other healthcare tasks, caregivers prepare meals, administer medications, and provide personal care. 

Family caregivers are entitled to a range of benefits and salaries, including overtime. Assistance with everyday tasks, a stable medical condition, and self-direction or a designated representative are prerequisites for eligibility. No particular training or qualification is required for care assistants; family members, friends, and others can perform this role. With help from experts at Eagle Eye FV, Inc., a certified home care services provider, enroll in CDPAP.

Eagle Eye Home Care is dedicated to giving people the tools they need to take charge of their own care, keep their independence, and get the support they require to flourish. Eagle Eye Home Care focuses on providing individualized care and compassionate service in an effort to improve the lives of its clients and promote the wellbeing of the community.

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