Spa & Wellness Trends That Will Rule The Industry In 2021

Updated on January 5, 2021

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As stress and anxiety are integral elements of the modern lifestyle, the spa and wellness industry is booming. The pandemic has fueled its growth even more, as people are willing to go the extra mile for holistic wellness. They want to achieve overall well-being with natural therapies. Such therapies have the potential to keep them safe from the side effects of conventional medicines. The industry is all set to move to the next level in 2021 with an innovative approach and new treatments. Here are the spa and wellness trends that are going to rule the industry in the New Year and beyond. 

Touchless experiences

The pandemic has made touchless experiences a norm for all industries, and the spa segment is not an exception. Digital transformation is no longer a choice for wellness centers. They need to embrace technologies that ensure the safety of their guests and therapists. While many have already invested in digital apps for booking, live streaming, and online sessions, others plan to follow suit quickly in 2021. 

Clean treatments

With an increasing emphasis on health and safety, spas and wellness destinations will have to go the extra mile to ensure hygiene and cleanliness in their treatments. Conventional cleaning and sanitization are no longer enough as they will have to be more particular about hygiene measures. The use of UV sterilized air purifiers to purify the indoor air and UVC scanners to sanitize massage beds are some steps that centers are already taking.

Innovative spa menus 

The New Year ushers a new beginning for the industry, as innovative menus become the only way for centers to stand apart. As wellness enthusiasts look for holistic healing, therapies like cannabis spas will be more popular in the coming year, although they are already in high demand. Essential oils, crystals and gemstones, and humectants are some more trends poised to make it big in 2021.


Although spas have traditionally worked on a consistent experience model, things will be different in the future as people look for personalization. As a result, centers will have to ditch the cookie-cutter service models and adopt a tailored approach. They will have to deliver experiences to match the personal preferences of their guests. Therapists, on the other hand, will need to understand the unique needs and preferences of every client and recommend treatments that match.

Sleep wellness

Another amazing trend that has been around for a couple of years and is all set to get even more popular ahead is sleep wellness. You can expect spa and wellness retreats to offer treatments that focus on inducing better sleep for the clients. As people struggle with insomnia amid the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic, the industry will capitalize on the demand by coming up with apt treatments and therapies. 

Even as wellness enthusiasts will be willing to invest more in self-care in the post-pandemic era, their expectations will also be greater. Spas and wellness centers will need to embrace the latest trends to match these expectations and stay one step ahead in the competitive landscape. 

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