SnapCare Introduces Transparent Pricing Promise for Healthcare Workforce Solutions

Updated on January 29, 2024

Healthcare systems will have unprecedented transparency into what they pay for contract staff under a new model introduced by SnapCare™, a tech-enabled workforce marketplace.

SnapCare, formerly SnapNurse, is among the first technology companies in the healthcare workforce management field to transparently detail its costs and charges on invoices. Traditionally, staffing agencies have invoiced clients without disclosing clinician pay rates, benefit and travel costs, and markups.

As part of its Transparent Pricing Promise, except where its clients have differing requirements, SnapCare will disclose:

●       Pay rates

●       Travel costs for clinicians, with no markup on air travel or stipends

●       A standard burden rate on the pay rate to cover clinician benefits and payroll taxes, again without markup

The remainder of the bill represents SnapCare’s fees for recruiting, credentialing, and employing clinicians. This pricing approach is less expensive for clients than the industry standard practice of bundling all costs and marking up the entire amount. The new invoicing system rolls out for new clients on February 1, 2024, and for SnapCare’s existing clients, on or before April 1, 2024.

“The lack of pricing transparency is frustrating for healthcare providers and causes unnecessary tension between them and agencies,” said SnapCare CEO Jeff Grant. “Our Transparent Pricing Promise gives clients greater control over their workforce solutions and lets them know that they aren’t being overcharged.”

Thanks to SnapCare’s industry-leading technology, clients can expect to save an average of 15% on core staffing services. When they utilize the full suite of SnapCare’s tech and analytics offerings, savings are likely to exceed 20% compared to what competitors charge for the same services.    

The Transparent Pricing Promise is part of SnapCare’s commitment to reduce the traditional role and cost of agency middlemen and put the needs of healthcare facilities and clinicians first. The company’s platform provides a smarter and lower-cost way for facilities to manage their workforce needs, control costs, and help facilities deliver quality patient care. This is the heart of SnapCare’s ‘more tech, right touch’ approach.

About SnapCare

SnapCare™ is an AI-enabled workforce marketplace that serves the entire continuum of care. Our platform offers healthcare facilities complete visibility into the ideal talent mix for their unique needs and associated costs. We designed our workforce solutions to significantly improve client savings and efficiencies, minimizing the need for intermediate agencies, returning control to healthcare facilities, and ensuring total transparency in pay and pricing. Our pioneering technology and comprehensive staffing services offer a smarter way for facilities to manage their workforce needs and deliver quality patient care. ​

For more information, visit and follow SnapCare on LinkedIn and YouTube.

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