Slip And Fall Accidents: 5 Immediate Actions To Take And How Lawyers Help You Win Big Money

Updated on December 14, 2022

Slip, trip, and fall accidents occur every day and can cause severe injuries. Slip and fall accidents are covered under personal injury cases and are defined as incidents that occur by slip and fall on a property. Such accidents can happen because of the property owner’s negligence or other involved parties. Remember that the actions you take immediately after the accident determine the strength of your case and the settlement amount you will receive. Here are the five steps you should take following such an incident.

1. Seek Medical Care

If you have suffered from a slip or fall accident, you should seek medical care immediately to receive treatment and document your injuries; this will become critical evidence if you seek compensation.

2. Notify The Authorities

Ensure to inform the local authorities of the accident- property owner, landlord, and management authorities. Ask the property manager to provide a written report of the accident.

3. Document Everything For Evidence

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Gathering all potential witnesses’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses is critical. If you file a lawsuit, their testimony will strengthen your case. Also, don’t forget to take photos of the exact spot where you slipped – pool, stairs, wet floor, oil spill, etc. 

4. Do Not Provide Detailed Statements

Refrain from going into detail when conversing with the property manager or their lawyer. Remain composed and keep your conversations to the point. Do not share any unnecessary information, and notably, never admit guilt. Moreover, try to stay away from posting anything on social media. Opposition Lawyer can later use it against you in court. 

5. Get Legal Help

An experienced attorney is the best person on your side while considering legal action. A renowned law firm has the resources and team to help you win complicated cases. Look for a lawyer or a firm with the expertise, know-how, and successful track record of getting their clients compensation that is deserving of their case.

How Can A Slip-And-Fall Attorney Help You Win The Case? 

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Here are the seven ways a slip-and-fall attorney helps you win the case and recover the maximum compensation.

  1. An attorney navigates through the complicated legal process and educates you about the laws and necessary course of action to take in a slip-and-fall claim. 
  1. An attorney knows the judicial questions and prepares you to answer them confidently.
  1. A slip and fall accident requires you to fulfill specific requirements, such as the following.
  • First, you must prove that your injuries resulted from slipping and falling at the property.
  • Second, you must demonstrate that the other party in question was negligent, which led to your injuries directly or indirectly.

Considering this, slip-and-fall litigation can be challenging to prove without a lawyer’s expertise.

  1. A lawyer will assess the degree of fault and help prove the other party’s negligence.
  1. Economic damages, including medical expenses and bills for hospital visits, are simple to prove. However, non-economic damages such as loss of income, loss of social life, missed opportunities, and more can be challenging to prove. Slip and fall attorneys help to achieve maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. 
  1. A lawyer ensures that you can file your case under deadlines known as the statute of limitations.
  1. Lawyers don’t charge any upfront fees and work on a contingency basis. That is, you pay from the amount lawyers win for you. 

Final Words

You might have missed taking action in the aftermath of an injury. Even if you haven’t taken these actions, a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can still assist you with your case. Consult a skilled slip-and-fall accident attorney to discuss the possibilities of your case and understand the right course of action for maximum compensation.

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