Simplify Your Life by Using Tech to Your Advantage

Updated on August 21, 2020

Tech – including AI and automation – has progressed significantly over the last fifty years or so. Nowadays, the majority of households have internet access as well as a large number of gadgets, tools and resources that are all designed to make day to day life easier to manage. So, what are the main ways in which you can streamline everything and keep everyday annoyances and stresses at bay using technology?


We are busier than ever, and our mental and physical health can often fall to the bottom of the pile when we’re organizing our priorities. However, with the help of some carefully chosen technology, this doesn’t have to be the case. Apps are available to help you to meditate or take a little time out of your day for learning or other relaxing activities. You can even sign up to virtual exercise classes or remotely managed nutrition programs that help you to stay on top of your physical wellbeing.


Do you ever find you’re running late and realize you won’t be home in time to greet visiting friends? What if there was a security device that would allow you to see when they turn up and unlock your front door remotely? Well – there is. Smart locks, doorbells and cameras allow you to build an easily manageable security system that gives you peace of mind and fits around your needs. With inbuilt cameras, microphones and speakers, you can access the feed to these gadgets and communicate with visitors, couriers and even trespassers. You can also go keyless, downloading smart technology to your phone that enables you to enter your property with a single tap or swipe and thus giving yourself one less item to lose.


Online banking has been around for many years – but now there are cardless bank accounts that enable you to convert funds to different currencies instantly. Comparison websites for things like ISAs and loans also come extremely handy when managing your money. Say you were planning to attend medical school, for example; you can browse and compare a wide range of private student loan providers in order to find one that best suits your requirements.

Food and Drink

Do you like getting a carefully curated monthly cheese delivery? What about fresh ingredients for an exciting new meal every week? Or why not just order from your favorite takeout at the push of a button? Meal and shopping delivery have boomed recently, and it looks like the tech that facilitates it is here to stay.


Of course, your finances aren’t the only thing you can now manage in a streamlined manner. Whether you run a business or simply find yourself juggling many different tasks and responsibilities as part of your day-to-day life, you can use a range of apps and software to keep everything under control. There are dozens of electronic workflow resources now available, with each one tailored to your unique needs – whether you wish to keep on top of your taxes, plan your wedding or assign chores. Time management, scrapbooking and reminder-setting has never been easier.

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