Simple Ways to Help Healthcare Workers Navigate their Next Job Interview

Updated on February 23, 2023
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The interview process for any new position can be fraught with questions, stress and if it goes well, a decision to be made about future employment. Healthcare workers, especially nurses, are well known for being on the job for long hours, resulting in being overworked, and underappreciated. And despite the critical nature of their work, healthcare workers in some situations are still grossly underpaid. What can be done to turn the tide and optimize the outcome for the potential employee? There are a few simple ways that you can prepare before an interview to ensure the odds are tilted in the interviewee’s favor. This article will offer five tips to help healthcare workers get through the interview process with ease while they negotiate the pay they deserve.

Think about you

Some of the key questions healthcare workers will encounter during an interview include those that will ask about previous experience and how you handled certain situations while gaining that experience. These questions should be anticipated and planned for. Some of the more typical ones will ask about jobs strengths, weaknesses and “what would you do” scenarios. Be sure to think about a targeted, specific response for each. Work with a friend and conduct a mock interview. Record it if you can. Then, review it. Ensure that the responses given are relevant, are not rambling and answer the question(s).  If there are places where responses can be tightened up, reevaluate and adjust accordingly. This is a valuable exercise to undertake before the real interview.

Know where you’re going

It’s likely that the interview will include some questions about how the potential employee sees themself fitting in with the healthcare organization. Do the research and find out all information available about the company with which you are interviewing. Is there anything unique or outstanding about how they service their patients? Have they won any healthcare awards or is there one they give out that you could say you would love to win as their employee? Check out the website and take notes.  Look at how the organization speaks about itself. During the interview, sprinkle in where you can that you have an understanding about the company and its mission and that it is a priority for you to be part of fulfilling that mission.

Prepare properly

Once a request for an interview has been accepted, it is likely that along with the day, time, and location, the healthcare organization will also send along tips and advice for the day. Some of these may include a request for specific documentation and identification. There may be a specific timeline for the interview as healthcare interviews can often be a multi-step process.  Also, if the interview is in person, ensure that you understand where the location is.  If it unknown or a first-time visit, a dry run to the location ahead of the interview is a good idea. Lastly, don’t be late on interview day.

Dress for success

It may seem like a frivolous point to discuss in the context of a healthcare-related job opportunity, but the way a potential employee dresses on interview day can have an impact on its outcome. Dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident can provide a major psychological advantage on interview day. When we wear an outfit that makes us feel good, that feeling will also be conveyed in how you present yourself, as well as in your mood and your demeanor.  Of course, it is important to look professional on interview day, so leave the sweatshirt at home. But remember, wear something a little inspirational that fits the situation. It will provide that extra boost of self-assurance to successfully get through the interview. You’ll be sitting up a little taller.

Come with questions

The final interview question is almost always “do you – the job applicant – have any questions?”  Make sure you do and come prepared with a few. Your questions will show that you are curious & will convey a genuineness about your interest in the job opportunity. Ask the questions that you need to make an informed choice. Don’t hesitate to ask a tough question or two to ensure the job being offered is the right fit for you.

Interviews are moments for potential employees to shine and share what they know and how they will be an asset to the interviewing organization. Preparing clothing, responses, background information and any final questions will ensure that the interview will flow smoothly and in your favor. Good luck!

Jordan Young is the COO of AMX Healthcare
Jordan Young

Jordan Young is the COO of AMX Healthcare and an expert in the healthcare staffing market. In particular, he has deep knowledge of recruitment automation and utilizing efficient, cutting-edge technologies to match suitable candidates with the right job opportunities. He also has a profound passion for scaling startups and is currently channeling this interest into building an innovative, data-driven healthcare staffing firm.