Should you consider the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

Updated on November 9, 2020

Every woman wants to have a sculpted body! However, while some women possess a well-shaped figure, others need to work for it. And with age, at times, sculpting the mid-section and the buttocks become very complicated. Not every woman can withstand rigorous and constant exercise. One of the best ways to get a curvy and sensual back is opting in for Brazilian Butt lift surgery. Today, models, actors, and common women are resorting to this technique and gaining benefits.

What is the Brazilian butt lift surgery?

Simply put, a Brazilian butt lift cosmetic surgery is a process that shifts the extra fat from the buttocks to other parts of a woman’s body. It results in a slimmer and sculpted waist and a rounder butt. However, it is essential to consult the plastic surgeon that will perform the surgery to get the finer details. To know more about this, you can check out more tails from Doctor Breslow.  The surgery has the following advantages:

  • Enhances the complete shape of the body
  • Improves individual body confidence
  • Fuller, round and firm hips
  • More lift and volume in the hips

The surgery procedure

A Brazilian butt lift surgery comprises of the fat grafting that is known for natural appearance outcome. The surgery process has the following steps:

  • The surgery gets conducted using anesthesia by transferring a lesser volume of fat. If the patient wants, she can request medication for anti-nausea. It is for women who feel sick with the use of anesthesia.
  • The plastic surgeon uses liposuction to eliminate the fat from various parts of the body, for instance, the thighs, hips, and stomach. In this process, the surgeon makes incisions in the skin, and these make use of a tube for eliminating the fat from the patient’s body.
  • The fat that gets removed gets purified. After that, it gets injected in the buttocks.
  • When the surgeon finished injecting this fat into specific parts of the buttocks, it creates a full and round lock. Generally, they make three to five incisions close to the buttock for transferring the fat.
  • Both fat transfer incision and liposuction get closed with stitches. After this, the surgeon puts a compression garment on the affected skin areas so that there is no bleeding.

The benefits

It is necessary to look into the advantages of Brazilian butt lift surgery! As compared to other types of buttocks surgery, for instance, silicone implants, this butt lift surgery guarantees no artificial look. Your hips look like you have worked out in the gym for hours to get the round shape. The surgery also helps to address various hip issues like shapelessness and sagging that comes with age. Do you have a figure imbalance? Are there dresses where you can’t fit in well? If yes, then this surgery will address that issue as well.

One of the best benefits of the Brazilian butt lift surgery is that it comes with lesser infection risks than silicone butt implants. Hence, you get access to an improved safety profile to other substances, such as silicone sealants and caulking. All these get injected into the butt illegally by people who don’t have the necessary qualification. Hence, if you want a toned and well-shaped back, you can say yes to the Brazilian buttock life cosmetic surgery.

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