Shoe Buying Tips For People With Wide Feet

Updated on July 4, 2020

If you have wide feet, then you may feel like its impossible to find shoes with good support and comfort. 

However, many people are born having these type of feet and it usually comes and goes according to weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy and even age. Also, many women tend to have wide feet because they have wider hips. However, you can even develop wide feet simply by standing up for long periods of time. Often overlooked you can also get extra wide socks, a must to ensure your feet are comfortable all day long.

We will now look at a few tips that you should keep in mind when buying shoes if you have wide feet. 

1. You should buy shoes that have removable insoles and linings. This will help to create more space inside of the shoe so you can be more comfortable. Most orthopedic shoes allow you to do this. If you have a Peloton bike, wide feet peloton shoes are also available to choose from.

2. Avoid buying slip-ons. Many people who have wide feet love buying slip-ons due to their convenience. However, these type of shoes will make your feet crowd in the toe area which is quite uncomfortable. Instead, you should buy shoes with laces. 

3. You should always buy shoes that have laces or some sort of closure system. This can be laces or even Velcro straps and they will allow you to adjust the width of your shoes whenever you want. 

4. Don’t purchase shoes that have pointy tips. This is because they will squeeze your toes. Instead, look for shoes that have a wider area near the toes for maximum comfort. 

5. Select shoes that are suitable for wide feet. This means that you should look for shoes that have a wider sole, soft upper and a stable base. These type of shoes will give you the support you need and absorb the shock while you’re walking as they are biomechanically engineered to do just that. 

So, it is best to get orthopaedic shoes as they provide the best support, comfort and balance for your feet while also helping to improve your overall posture.

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