Service dog training – what you need to know

There are lots of organizations that support people with different types of disabilities these days. One type of the services they may offer is providing disabled persons with service animals. A service dog is a pet that has a mission to assist a person with a disability and perform various tasks for them. And the fact that everyone may handle the training of a service dog is the best thing about it.

There are a few types of service dogs.


First of all, let us understand what kinds of assistance dogs can supply to you. If you suffer from bad hearing, a service dog will alert you about important sounds or approaching danger. Blind people or military veterans with physical disabilities may feel their independence, as long as they have service dogs that bring them things or help to move. For instance, such animal usually has public access to the shops where it is able to buy something on its own. There are also service dogs that even can feel low blood sugar or signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Thus, these dogs can be divided into several types, depending on the disability they are trained to help with. These types are mobility service dogs, medical alert service dogs, and psychiatric service dogs.

How can you get a service dog?

You can take one from the services which train service dogs in the United States. There are lots of non-profit companies that breed dogs in order to undertake service dog training. During the process of training, some animals are dropped out, since their temperament, behavior, or ability to work doesn’t suit this job.

Fortunately, lots of people from different country areas are in search of pets, so all the dogs find their homes. If you want to get a service dog that went through a specific training program, just visit a website of the organization like this.

Also, you can find a puppy by yourself. Then you are free to choose either you want to hire a handler to work with your animal or train it on your own. As for the first option, attend to it that your service dog’s trainer teaches a puppy properly. The services of trainers cost a lot of money. That’s why you’d better look for a handler among the best trainers so that the training of a service dog will be successful and you won’t waste money.

How about the last variant? ADA states that a man with a disability may train service dogs. Perhaps, it is the best low-budget choice. And what is more important, the training of a dog builds a strong emotional connection between a handler and an animal. After self-training of you dog you should not forget about Service Dog registration, you can do with your mental specialist or online in some services.

What if you want to train a service dog by yourself?

Service dog training ought to be started with determination, whether a pet has an appropriate temperament and an ability to learn specific things. Calm, social, and smart dogs suit this job best. Then you should teach your service dog some very basic tasks which will demonstrate its obedience. It’s also important to work with your dog in public places so that its behavior will be proper in various settings.

The next step is training a future service dog to perform a specific task that will make your life easier. The training process should take at least two hours a day for half a year. Do not forget to provide service dogs with all the necessary equipment. And they would supply assistance to you in different areas of life.

People who suffer from PTSD need to teach their dogs to find a room in public settings. If you have problems with anxiety and easily lose your focus, train your service dog to orientate in different settings. A person with a physical disability’s service dog has to help to move its owner and hold doors for him or her.

Is there anything that is forbidden for a service dog to do in public?

According to ADA, a service dog is not a common pet, but a working animal. That’s why your dog always has to behave inappropriate way, no matter what areas it is in.

Firstly, teach an animal not to be aggressive or over-excited.

Secondly, a dog must not relieve itself without any permission.

Thirdly, your service dog should not ask for food or entertainment, when it is on duty.

These are the main prohibitions for dogs when they provide assistance to disabled people. If it’s hard for your furry assistant to stick to them, then maybe this job doesn’t suit it.

Start training a service dog now!

It is such a wonderful feeling when your dog puts its paws on your knees in order to support you. If you are ready to get a service dog, visit any website of the company that breeds these animals or teach your dog to perform all the necessary tasks on your own. Just get a new friend that will be with you at any time of your life.

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