Serious Personal Injury Claims: When Do You Need A Lawyer?

Updated on September 6, 2021

Right after experiencing a severe accident, it’s normal to have various questions occupying your mind. What will your potential recovery look like? When will you be able to return to work despite your severe injuries and what steps do you need to take next? 

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Nevertheless, ‘Do I need a personal injury lawyer?’ is one of the most important questions that pop into people’s minds following a serious accident. The answer to this question, almost always, is yes. The sooner you hire a lawyer from a local, renowned personal injury law firm, the easier and more efficiently your lawyer will resolve your case. Below, we’ll showcase the types of accidents and injuries that almost certainly require a lawyer’s professional help.

Permanently Disabling Or Long-Term Injuries 

Some accidents can lead to injuries that might significantly affect your physical abilities or appearance for a long time, over a year, or even permanently. For that reason, figuring out how much such a severe injury is worth can be a challenging task. 

For example, brain injury claims could result in very complex legal affairs depending on the availability, clarity, and validity of evidence, the injured person’s ability to prove the full extent of their damages, and many other factors. So, if you wonder why you need a brain injury attorney, bear in mind that proving such complex claims require highly responsive, detail-oriented legal counsel to help you prepare for the problematic legal proceedings and win your case.

Severe Injuries 

The total of your accident compensation is generally determined by how severe your injury or injuries are. Therefore, the severity of your injuries is measured by the amount of the medical bills, the nature of the injuries you have, and the length of time it will take for you to recover from them entirely.

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As the total of your potential compensation increases, the range within which that payment may fall becomes broader. In such cases, it’s worth the expense to have a personal injury lawyer by your side to handle your claim and ensure that you receive the highest compensation possible. 

Medical Malpractice 

In case you’ve suffered an illness or injury because of unprofessional, careless, or incompetent medical treatment at the hands of a licensed doctor, nurse, clinic, hospital, laboratory, or another healthcare provider, both the legal rules and the medical questions involved are usually complex. They almost certainly demand that you hire a personal injury lawyer experienced in medical malpractice proceedings.

Toxic Exposure 

In the increasingly chemical world we live in, we sometimes become sick due to exposure to contaminants in the soil, water, air, or in products like food. Unfortunately, personal injury claims based on such exposure are challenging to prove and often require complex scientific data. 

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And since the chemical industry giants have built an enormous wall to shield themselves from legal exposure while they proceed to expose us to incredibly harmful substances, the required evidence is tough to come by. For that reason, if you feel like you’re ill because of toxic exposure, we advise you to consult with an experienced lawyer from your area to build your case, win compensation, and even stop the company’s wrongdoing. 

When The Insurance Company Refuses To Pay 

In some other cases, irrespective of the nature of your injuries or the amount of your lost income and medical bills, you will want to hire a lawyer because the insurance company or the government agency refuses to make any settlement offer at all. 

If the insurance provider that’s supposed to cover the liable party denies your claim, an experienced lawyer can help dispute that denial and achieve a more satisfactory resolution. Of course that the insurance provider may deny the claim for one of several reasons. 

The provider believes that the party they cover didn’t cause the accident. In this case, the insurance provider may attempt to claim that you’re the one that caused the accident or may try to institute that another party bears liability for the damages. 

A lawyer can help investigate the accident and discover what party bears liability. For instance, in a car accident, that might involve not only looking for video evidence of the accident or consulting with witnesses from the scene but bringing in an expert witness who can help determine precisely how the accident happened and what or who caused it.

Final Thoughts 

Most individuals know little about their legal rights following a severe injury, whether due to an auto accident, medical malpractice, brain injury, toxic exposure, or a slip and fall. If you don’t know how to file your claim, how much compensation you deserve, how long it will take to settle your claim, and even who bears liability for your specific type of accident, make sure to at least consult with a competent personal injury lawyer to help you along your way and protect your rights the best way they can. 

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