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SEO Guide for Marijuana & Cannabis Business; Tips for Guest Posting

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Backlinks and content go hand in hand for any page to rank in search results. There needs to be a balanced equilibrium between the content you publish and the quality of backlinks it secure.

On the other hand, marijuana is relatively a young trade, in mainstream economics. And therefore, it needs comparatively more aggressive SEO for effective results.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can create your guest posting campaign for effective results. With the help of tips from leading professionals and example-rich methodology, this article will surely be the best guide for the SEO of your marijuana and CBD business.

Create Your Content For Cannabis Users

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First things first. Whenever a user enters a query in the search box, the system produces results on the basis of relevance of content on the landing page to the query. So, you need to understand what your target audience wants. For example, if you deal with CBD oils and topical creams only, it is best that you optimize your content accordingly. According to the SEO guide for marijuana & cannabis business, try to create your content that educates your audience about CBD usage. Simply put, you need to create the content while keeping in mind the user intent of your target audience, essentially the cannabis users.

Sort Out Marijuana Bloggers & Influencers

The next obvious step is to look for guest posting opportunities. Not all bloggers may allow you to contribute to their personal blog as a guest. Moreover, not all bloggers can help you drive SEO-related results. You need to find the ones that can influence the weed and hemp enthusiasts. A blogger who writes about everything can usually, prove to be of little importance. As the popular proverb goes, ‘a jack of all trades is ace at none’. So, make sure the ones that you sort out holds expertise in weed and its related products and technology.

Collaborate With Authoritative Critics

When sorting out the right marijuana bloggers and influencers, there are a few graduations that can prove to be of great help. For example, domain authority, citation flow, referring domains, and organic traffic are some of the figures that can help you differentiate the influencers from the bloggers. The best tips for guest posting suggests collaborating with the influencers that hold authority amongst the online users and trusted by them. Usually, these influencers would be driving high traffic, followership, and engagement from the 420 community. And it is all that you need for a successful SEO campaign.

Secure More Than Just Backlinks

Although, the primary aim of guest posting is to secure backlinks, in actual it is way more than that. When you collaborate with the cannabis influencers, be it vaping critic, or a YouTuber that reviews CBD related products, make sure you personalize your relationship with them. After all, your friendship with the influencers can bring in trust, and authority to your website, along with a lot of referral traffic.

Whether you are a hemp cultivator, a CBD manufacturer, or simply own a dispensary, with influential collaborations, your business is sure to gain increased visibility online. And obviously, it increases your revenue generation possibilities, as well.

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