Sculpting the Hard to Reach Areas

Updated on December 12, 2021

Natural forms of weight loss and toning are always the highest recommended forms of body sculpting. It’s very important to exercise and diet properly, taking into account everything you consume. This is important to staying healthy, as common sense would dictate. This isn’t to say that fat is all bad. No, on the contrary: your body needs fat. That’s where it stores its energy. If you had absolutely not fat, that would be a major problem for your health.

But as much as we do require fat in our bodies, there are some times when we don’t really feel comfortable with the layers of it in certain areas. For example, having a little bit of it is fine, up until it gets to a point where you don’t feel comfortable when looking at yourself in a mirror or in a photo. Extra layers of fat can also be physical hampers, like on the inner thigh. Too much fat on the inner area of the thigh can cause skin irritation when doing something as simple as walking.

So again, while having fat in your body is absolutely normal, it’s not always a comfortable sensation. And as important as exercising and dieting may be, they don’t always do a good job at taking care of those hard to reach areas, such as under the chin or inner thighs. But there is a way to take care of those areas with Coolsculpting NYC residents’ favorite way to tone and sculpt the body into perfection.

When Diet and Exercise Isn’t the Answer

Again, dieting and exercising is important, but this isn’t the reality for everyone. It would be great if all of us had the time and energy to pull all this off, but the real world just doesn’t work like that. Some people work during odd times because of their shifts, others may not have the proper facilities to exercise. Some other people may not have any time to exercise at all with their busy schedule.

There is absolutely no shame in not being able to exercise or diet, considering how so many people around the world just can’t catch a break from their busy workdays. But even if they did, the little time they could allot to exercising would probably not be precise enough to take care of those layers of fat in places like under the chin, inner thigh or around the hips.

This is one of the advantages of Coolsculpting: it’s accuracy. Thanks to the equipment used during Coolsculpting, the specialists over at a clinic can precisely target the areas you wish to trim. The equipment itself is nothing more than some special vacuums, which pump cold air onto the surfaces they are placed upon.

The unique thing about Coolsculpting is that it’s more natural than most people would think. Our fat cells have a unique survival condition. When they come into contact with a certain cold temperature, this being around 3 degrees celsius or 39 to 40 degrees fahrenheit, they basically commit “cell suicide” and stop functioning. This self destruct mechanism leaves them there until the body naturally flushes the dead cells out of the body through completely natural means. Thus, with the fat cells disappearing out of the body, the area where the fat cells came into contact with the cold become slimmer and trimmed.

The only artificial aspect of this treatment is the stimulating of fat cells to initiate their self destruct sequence by bringing them into contact with cold air. The rest of the treatment is dependant on your body’s natural means of cleaning out the dead fat cells. So you don’t have to worry about some weird artificial chemicals being used, as well as no cuts or lacerations being made throughout the procedure.

Speaking of the Procedure

All you really have to expect during it is a little bit of cold. Now 39 degrees fahrenheit is cold, but it’s not super cold. Considering that it’ll take some time for the pumps to continuously pump cold air, your body will get used to the temperature after a few minutes and the area of the skin will get numb. This means you won’t be feeling anything throughout the procedure. All you need to do is sit back and relax as you read a book, watch TV or chat up with some of the friendly staff.

And the procedure itself lasts somewhere around 40 minutes, relatively short for cosmetic treatments, but also pretty it takes up a very short amount of time. You can do it over a lunch break. And with little to nothing that needs to be done in terms of preparations for the procedure, there’s really nothing to worry about when it comes to finding the time to go for a treatment. 

As far as post treatment goes; that’s even better, because the downtime is very short, lasting maybe a day or two, but the only thing you may need to do is apply some moisturizer to the treated area. Other than that, there’s really nothing you’ll need to do. Just sit back and let the treatment work its magic.

The Great, Cool Search

So now that you’re interested in trying out Coolsculpting, you remember that NYC alone houses a metric ton of cosmetic clinics and picking out the right one for you could be a bit of a hassle. Which is why I’m going to make your life a little easier and suggest that you drop an appointment over at Skinly Aesthetics and ask for the Coolsculpting NYC treatment package, which utilizes one of the most high-tech pieces of Coolsculpting equipment in the business, used by some of the best veterans of the industry.

And all this comes at a reasonable price that’ll surely fit your winter budget. So, with all these advantages in mind, there’s really very little reason not to give Coolsculpting a try and see how easily you can sculpt your body to perfection.

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