Roof Repair Tips: Choosing the Right Shingle Color


As many homeowners already know, roof repair is a bit of a broad topic. It could mean getting rid of leaks, replacing a few missing shingles or replacing the shingles altogether if it’s really badly needed. If you’re doing a total remodel of your home exterior, perhaps, because you bought a house that needs renovation or you simply wanted to give it a brand-new look, replacing your shingles altogether is probably necessary. 

Speaking of which, choosing the right shingle color could be tricky, not to mention, it’s one of the best argument-starters out there among couples. We can understand though why it’s a hard decision to make. You just can’t randomly choose the colors of your exteriors and hope that they all blend well together. 


When considering your color options, you have to look at the whole picture—the house itself, the neighborhood, the environment you’re in and the landscape that surrounds your home. Well, if this confuses you, you can always ask a reputable roof repair company for their advice. They might just enlighten you about the options available that would best suit your home.

Also, we listed a few principles to guide you through the process. Make sure to jot down each one!

1. Make sure it’s well-coordinated with the rest of your home.

That would mean that the color of your shingles should match with those of your sidings, window shutters, front door and accent trims. To show you an accurate example of how you can apply this principle, here’s a list of roof and house siding colors that look best together:

  • Red Siding. Best matches are dark gray, dark brown, black and dark green roofs. 
  • Beige Siding. You can choose shingles that are brown, black, dark blue or dark green. 
  • Brown Siding. This suits black, green, blue or charcoal roofs. 

It is also important to determine when to use solid colors or blends. The basic rule of thumb is that if your siding is varied such as a brick with different shades, using a blended roof would make the whole thing clash. Think of a floral top that’s worn with a pants that has bold leopard prints. Cringeworthy, isn’t it?

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2. What’s your home design theme?

Make sure the shades you choose match with your entire home design theme. Do you want a tropical beach abode? Or perhaps, you want to stick to that traditional design like most of the homes in your neighborhood? Before shopping for shingles, you can do a little research about homes like yours. 

Ask queries like: What kinds of color palette would best suit the type of home that I have? What mistakes had some homeowners fallen into when they shopped around for shingles?

3. Consider the size and height of your home to strike the right balance. 

You know for sure that your roof color should be a little darker than the body of your home. Still, you should narrow your choices down a bit when considering the size and height of the structure. For example, a one-story house would appear like a ‘cave’ for dwarfs that looks all roof without a body if you choose darker shades like charcoal. 

4. The color you choose has some impact on your utility bills. 

What’s the general climate in your region? Do you often have warm, humid weather or do you live in a colder country with freezing winters? The answer to these questions will help you figure out which color to choose. As you already know, dark colors absorb heat while lighter shades do the opposite. 

Of course, your indoor temperature will largely depend on how well you’ve done with the insulation. But a step as simple as choosing the right roof color for your general climate will help you save some amount from your utility bills. Find out more information from this related post:

And oh, before we forget, following these tips would be futile if you don’t check the regulations implemented by your neighborhood’s homeowners’ association as well as your city’s local building codes. Nobody wants to be sued for petty matters like choosing the wrong shingle color. So, make sure you know all of those regulations. 

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