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Ricky Sayegh MD: Healthcare and Entrepreneurs: What are the Odds?

With taking care of their health being an integral part of most of the people, do you think investing in this business will reap you enough profit? The healthcare industry is a lucrative and never-dying industry, but it also comes with its ups and downs. Healthcare is an umbrella term, and if you are thinking about investing in this industry, you need to understand the different segments and their pros and cons before taking any initiative.

Medical Device Industry Witnessing High Demand

This is a very attractive segment for an entrepreneur to earn a lot of wealth. You could start a distributorship, or jump into contract manufacturing, or get into manufacturing if you have enough capital. A plus point is that the new regulatory landscape is not very stringent, and all medical devices do not require to go under the tedious clinical trial analysis. You can attain premarket approval, and you are good to sell your product in the market. You can also get into the manufacturing of a disposable or a consumable product. Such products are required at the time of the surgery and have limited use, increasing their market volume.  

Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Sector

Opening up a unit in this sector can spur your profit rate if you know how to play it safe. Collaborate with a brand in this sector and you can operate as a representative in a particular location. An entrepreneur in this sector should always have to be up-to-date about the market trends, disease statistics, and the competitor product landscape. 

Segments Related to Healthcare are also Soaring

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Fields related to fitness and hygiene are also gaining attention in the recent era. Fitness areas will promise to give you an ample amount of return on investment. As an amateur entrepreneur, running a fitness-related business is easy in comparison to a core pharma business.

Contract Manufacturing – Yes or No?

This needs a lot of capital to buy the equipment necessary to manufacture the goods. However, if your product is an active pharmaceutical ingredient, you can gain high revenue with a one-time investment. For core pharmaceutical drug manufacturing, market giants preferrenowned contract manufacturers, and in this fragmented industry, you can fail to withstand. 

Export and Import Related Distributorship

What if you avoid the manufacturing part and focus on a distributor-based business? You take the device from one manufacturer and sell it to the customer at a ten to fifteen per cent hike. As an entrepreneur, you have to start with a small facility, and once you get known in your area, you can expand your business further to nearby regions. This idea has the least risk, and there is no hassle of the regulatory authorities and clearance process. 

Be it any sub-segment that you are interested in investing; make sure you get governmental help. The government authorities mostly provide a capital-linked subsidized scheme for innovative pharma units. Also, make sure you get support from angel investors, non-governmental organizations, diseases, charities, private funding firms, and so on.

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