RevSpring Announces Seamless, Automated Prescription Refill and Payments All in One Phone Call

Updated on May 5, 2024

RevSpring, the leading provider of healthcare engagement and payment solutions, recently announced that IVR Advantage™ now seamlessly integrates prescription refill requests and status inquiries with secure payment processing for pharmacies. Unique in the industry, IVR Advantage empowers pharmacy customers with inbound and outbound call automation to conveniently settle transactions all in one phone call while optimizing operational efficiency for busy pharmacy staff.

RevSpring’s proprietary IVR solution saves pharmacy staff time and effort by automating phone calls about prescription status and refill requests. Outbound IVR calls can convert calls and texts into payments while facilitating prescription refill reminders and other outbound communication, including satisfaction surveys, insurance updates and other proactive messaging.

Most significantly, IVR Advantage accepts payments via credit and debit cards, including HSA and ACH transactions, and digital wallet payments including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Payments can be facilitated using cards on file for one-time or regular future use. Integration between the pharmacy system and the IVR interactions allows automatic updates of payment-related details.

“IVR Advantage is innovative for retail and hospital pharmacies because it adds both payment and prescription management capabilities all in one call. This means staff have more time for other important tasks,” said Valerie Mondelli, RPh, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at RevSpring. “Not only does our IVR solution reduce the number of calls handled by busy pharmacy staff, but it also empowers pharmacy patients to conveniently check their order status and pay for new and refill prescriptions—simply and at a time most convenient for them—in just a few seconds over the phone.”

This automated flow of information improves the quality of patient information and provides pharmacy staff with easy access to activity history for speed, convenience and patient consistency. Pharmacy staff are empowered to quickly identify when a patient called, or was called, and the type of message the call involved. IVR Advantage can integrate with leading pharmacy platforms to offer real-time connectivity to pull and post payments and prescription updates. Security is assured with PCI, HIPAA and HITRUST CSF certification.

Other IVR Advantage features for pharmacy customers include prescription lookups for refill submissions and placing confirmed refill subscriptions into the pharmacy work queue. It provides personalized messaging, including prescription history, medication reminders, refill notifications and other relevant health information. The outbound service includes surveys and outcome measures, reminders for refills, pick-ups and payments, and SMS text messages. The patient experience is optimized with an OmniChannel intelligence that blends IVR, payment portal, digital, and print solutions in one coordinated experience designed to fit each specific patient.

About RevSpring

RevSpring leads the market in healthcare engagement and payment solutions that inspire patients to participate in and pay for their healthcare. We’ve built Engage IQTM, the industry’s only connected patient engagement suite designed to coordinate patient interactions from pre-care to post-care to payment. RevSpring’s intelligent, holistic platform puts patient understanding at the center of one connected personal experience, allowing providers to fully optimize patient satisfaction, data accuracy, staff efficiency and financial outcomes. The company’s OmniChannel communications and payment solutions are backed by intelligence, analytics, contextual messaging and user experience best practices. RevSpring was rated #1 for Most New Capabilities in Patient Engagement by KLAS in 2023 and Best in KLAS in Patient Communications in 2024. To learn more, visit Follow RevSpring on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter).

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