Reviewing How Herbalife Can Help You Achieve Your Health & Wellness Goals

Updated on March 18, 2023

With the start of the new year, most people have already begun thinking they’ll be part of the coveted 8%. What does that percentage refer to? The actual number of people who follow-through with their New Year’s Resolutions. 

An overwhelming number of New Year’s Resolutions include health and wellness resolutions, specifically weight loss and activity modifications. Unfortunately, those resolutions often start with huge goals based on big hopes, and it can be very hard to stick with resolutions in the way that people typically do. 

Unless you are specific, start with manageable or small goals, communicate, share your intention with others, and learn to forgive yourself when you go off-track, you likely won’t be among the 8% of people who achieve their New Year’s Resolution. That doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your goal – but having support and clarity is vital.

Social support is specifically essential to sticking with a new year’s resolution. Studies show that even without a resolution, having social support can lessen the impacts of stress, improve mood, and improve the body’s immune response. So, if your goal is health-related, having support from a trusted group of people or even just one friend can make a lot of difference. 

Recently, researchers have found that married couples are happier than unmarried couples. Additionally, couples who start new year’s resolutions together tend to stick with those resolutions for longer. But you don’t have to be married to reap the benefits of social interactions and a healthy dose of peer support.

This is the reason why fitness clubs, gym memberships, and groups for hiking, yoga, and other activities are popular and more effective than self-directed approaches. For this same reason, companies like Herbalife Nutrition utilize the power of social support to help people achieve their wellness goals.

Herbalife Nutrition is a nutrition company that sells its products through independent distributors who serve as wellness coaches to their customers. Independent distributors review training programs and educational materials developed by the company’s experts in nutrition and fitness. These wellness coaches ultimately become resources for support and advice regarding good lifestyle habits in their communities. 

They work with their customers on a personalized plan towards their unique wellness goals. Could they be just what you need this year to finally get to your goals this year?

Why Trust an Herbalife Wellness Coach?

Those new to wellness coaching might be wary about working with a stranger. Some may feel embarrassed about their eating habits or current physique, and others might want privacy because they do not want their feelings invalidated. Fortunately, independent distributors offer a non-judgmental environment as most of them personally have gone through the same experience. They are just regular people who found success trying Herbalife products and working with their coach. Coaches start you with a personal wellness evaluation, understanding your goals and starting point, setting expectations, and structuring a plan to help you achieve those goals.

Independent distributors are trained by experts in the nutrition and wellness field who have made it their life’s goal to stay up to date in nutrition. Doctors, trainers, sports scientists, and dietitians are among the experts who develop the training materials, meal plans, exercise plans, recipes, and more. They maintain the accuracy of training sessions, informational videos, mobile apps, and wellness lifestyle coach material. Herbalife Nutrition’s expert team regularly updates resources, revises training methods and tools, and works with advisory boards worldwide, providing an international perspective in the area of health. In turn, wellness coaches receive up-to-date information about the resources they use.

The most important thing is that wellness coaches approach their roles with a judgment-free attitude. They understand that obtaining a healthy lifestyle can be extremely hard, and that judgment makes it more challenging. When you begin a relationship with a lifestyle coach, you can trust not only that you will get the most accurate and up-to-date wellness advice out there, but you will also start a friendship that might be the key to helping you maintain your goals.

What Can Herbalife Wellness Coaches Do Differently? 

Many self-directed diets and resolutions fail every year for various reasons. It could be due to dwindling motivation over time, a lack of direction or structure, or a combination of both. The Herbalife coaching model remedies this by pairing a customer with an experienced distributor who provides not only daily motivation, but also that structure and guidance. 

Herbalife Nutrition offers a wealth of resources for independent distributors to succeed at coaching. With over 40 years in the health and wellness industry, Herbalife Nutrition has sold billions of its products and sold to over 48 million customers since then. Their commitment to health shows up in their willingness to quality check each of their supplement ingredients, create wellness programs worldwide, and show up for their customers above and beyond. 

Part of this dedication revolves around training their independent distributors and wellness coaches behind their products’ science. But that is only the beginning of the process. Herbalife coaches go above and beyond to promote wellness.

They personalize wellness, making it fun and achievable for all. People often get wellness wrong, thinking that it must look a certain way. Consumers are consistently fed images of expensive gym outfits, well-sculpted people, and intense CrossFit routines via the media. Many of the fitness images we get are unachievable without years of work, and consumers feel a sense of shame when they cannot obtain those goals with their healthy routines. The truth is that health comes in many sizes and can (and should) be achieved in personalized ways. Wellness coaches find ways to make exercise and healthy eating fun and realistic for the people they work with. Using a wellness evaluation tool, they measure your baseline, ask you about your target weight and fitness goals, and work with you to select the right plan to suit your needs. 

They are consistently re-trained to remain up-to-date on the latest science regarding personal wellness, nutrition, and more. Too often, personal trainers, health professionals, and other wellness providers in our lives neglect to update their advice based on new scientific findings. The truth is, science is not stationary – so wellness plans should not be, either. Herbalife’s experts often publish new research and articles to keep coaches informed of the latest trends and science related to nutrition, wellness, and fitness.Also, when Herbalife launches a new product, your coach will be able to review the product, understand its ingredients, and see if it matches your personalized wellness plans.

They can share their personal experience in achieving their goals.  Wellness coaches are members of the community just like you. Before they became distributors, many have been customers who were coached by others as well. They can share their personal experience, testimonial, and personal review of Herbalife products, to help you on your journey. 

Having an approachable gateway into healthy living is the first step in habit-forming, making or breaking a long-term goal.

The Power of Forming Habits

New Year’s resolutions might be better thought of as opportunities to re-form habits. Rather than setting a goal to drop 100 pounds or only eat fruits and vegetables for snacks, a wellness coach would encourage you to set intentions based on re-forming healthy habits in your everyday life. Most of the time, people focus on the scale or the way they look when achieving a goal. Scale and appearance changes take time and ultimately are not as important as a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Unfortunately, it can be hard to stick with health and exercise goals when physical expectations aren’t upheld. Wellness coaches can help you stick with health and wellness habits that will benefit you physically, mentally, and long-term.

One of the most important parts of sticking with a goal is re-training your brain into seeing the steps toward a larger goal (like weight loss) as a habit. Having a friendly face to encourage you to stick with something until it becomes a habit is critical. Wellness coaches use “CARE” to uncover your behavior cues and work toward using those cues or avoiding them to re-train your brain into new habits. CARE stands for:

  • Cues. Wellness coaches work to identify the cues that lead to your life habits and actions. Every response we have to environmental stimuli is the response of a cue.
  • Actions. Your wellness coach will help you recognize how your cues trigger actions, such as a feeling of stress triggering emotional eating.
  • Responses. You and your coach will look at your responses to your cues and identify healthy alternatives to these things. For instance, instead of turning to food for emotional comfort, you would identify that stress brings up a need for comfort immediately after you experience it.
  • Exercises. Wellness coaches help you exercise better actions for your overall health than the ones you have been using. For instance, instead of eating for self-comfort, you might instead acknowledge the stress and meditate, go for a walk, or call a friend to chat about your feelings.

Sustaining a health-related goal requires resetting mindsets in a way that can be difficult to achieve on your own. Far too many habits fail simply because a person doesn’t have enough support to help them stick with a habit re-shaping process. Mindset exploration is often better achieved with the help of identifying and understanding common health issues and their related goals.

Why Achieving Goals With A Friend Is So Beneficial

Working on goals with a friend, loved one, or trusted individual provides multifaceted benefits. Not only are you more likely to stick with a long-term goal, but you also receive important social benefits you would not have received on your own. Having a romantic partner invested in health goals is one way to achieve these goals, but there are other ways, too. They improve mental health, encourage physical outings, and overall improve the quality of life. 

Often times, Herbalife independent distributors start part-time before going into a full-time business, and they start with their immediate networks, such as friends and family. People will often ask them how they lost weight or gotten healthier, and they will be happy to share their fitness and wellness journey. They will then find that many of the people they speak to are going through the same personal struggles they are. The point of this connection is that it is personal. It is not someone getting paid to sell you weight loss supplements. It is someone with a personal experience with Herbalife who wants to help you become healthier. 

A Herbalife wellness coach might start as a friend, acquaintance, or stranger. But they typically end up becoming friends with the people they coach.

How Can A Herbalife Wellness Coach Help You This Year?

Wellness coaches do not provide one single service. Instead, they get to know you personally and provide targeted wellness coaching based on your needs, interests, and limits. Some of how a Herbalife wellness coach can help you include:

  1. Sustainable goal-setting. Coaches help prioritize goals in order from small to large. While this might seem counter-intuitive initially, it makes it easier to achieve a big goal in the end.
  2. Reality checks. Sometimes we make grand goals without stopping to think whether or not we will be able to achieve them in the time we’ve allotted ourselves. Wellness coaches help their mentees not bite off more than they can chew.
  3. Helping to identify what will trip you up on your wellness journey and help you avoid those obstacles along the way.
  4. Better meal-planning. Regardless of your intentions for eating healthier foods, a wellness coach can help you make better choices when planning out your grocery list, adjust your recipes to create healthier meals, or make better choices when dining out. This will probably even help you save money in the long run!
  5. Finally, a wellness coach will help you bring out the best in you, regardless of your shape, size, or goal type. Herbalife is focused on holistic health and wellness – including mental and physical health. Every step in your health goals should nourish you and healthily sustain you, and a wellness coach can make that obtainable.

Wellness coaching with Herbalife Nutrition does more than just create healthier lives – it fosters community and creates friendships. 

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