Research and development: AI and machine learning

Updated on May 8, 2022

The topics of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have covered the entire industrial sector and especially mechanical and plant engineering with concrete, practical application possibilities.

These topics are no longer a purely academic research offer, but have arrived in the real economy through their manageability. Their economic advantages have become a great opportunity for future-oriented companies, or become necessary.

Artificial intelligence in software solutions

Technologies such as autonomous driving, facial recognition or voice control are examples of how the use of artificial intelligence already influences everyday life today. It is also playing an increasingly important role in software development. With an artificial intelligence software development company it is possible to integrate numerous aspects of artificial intelligence and thus design programs that offer the user optimal benefits.

Artificial intelligence – what is it actually?

Although the concept of artificial intelligence dominates public debate, many people do not know exactly what is behind this expression. Basically, it can be said that AI systems try to take on tasks for which human intelligence is previously necessary. A traditional computer program gives a concrete instruction for each case it deals with. If problems arise that were not provided for in programming and for which no concrete instructions for action were therefore created, the program cannot deal with them. However, systems that use artificial intelligence are also able to do this. You can abstract different situations and thus also deal with new, previously unknown problems. 

In this respect, they correspond to human intelligence, which is also able to react appropriately to previously unknown situations by abstracting previous experiences. An example of this is voice assistants. Human language is extremely diverse and countless different combinations and variations are possible. Nevertheless, the human brain is able to recognize the contents, even if it has never heard the exact wording before. Modern voice assistants can also implement this better and better.

Machine learning: a part of AI

Another commonly used term is machine learning. This is a special method by which a computer system processes information and thus draws conclusions about new situations and circumstances. This technology is used in many AI systems. To understand this procedure, you can use an image recognition program. In autonomous driving, for example, it is necessary for the control system to recognize traffic signs. For this purpose, the vehicle records the area next to the road with a camera. 

However, the recordings of the traffic signs show large differences on a case-by-case basis. Now it would be possible to make precise specifications as part of software development as to which characteristics an image must meet if a corresponding road sign is displayed on it. If you use machine learning, on the other hand, the program sets the necessary rules itself – on the basis of other already known images. If you provide him with recordings of the corresponding road sign in large quantities, it can derive general characteristics from it. It then applies this to previously unknown recordings.

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