RenuBack Reviews: Best Strap for Posture Correction

Updated on March 18, 2023

RenuBack – Back pains can be a pain in the buttocks and a prolonged condition if not treated properly. The sensible solution for back pain would be to go to a physician if the pain doesn’t subside after some rest. Often, cases that are prolonged are more detrimental than expected, especially after a certain age. 

Straps can be a worthwhile body-wear for people with acute back pain and/or bad posture. RenuBack, for instance, is a premium strap made for pain relief and posture correction. The brand is Honk Kong-based and distributes their product in different countries around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Before we get to RenuBack and how it can help you, we need to understand the causes of back pain and lopsided posture. 

Consider the daily pressure your spine has to handle: the spine runs all through your back and carries the entire weight of your front body. So, it wouldn’t be unusual for the bones to get weaker and bend towards the weight of the front end. About 80% people, at some point in their life, develop back pain. 

We have very few muscles in the back compared to the rest of the body. These muscles, or more like connecting tissues, strengthens the backbone and holds the posture of our back (along with some help from the spine). We usually feel back pain when the muscles are over-strained. Back pain can be a consequence of continued heavy weightlifting or excessive strain in the ligaments and muscles of the spine, mainly from labor-intensive work or/and sports. Sudden anatomically incorrect movements can also cause back pain. Bad posture, on the other hand, can be a genetic condition, however, the chances are unlikely. 

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Why do I need RenuBack?

Here are possible reasons why:

Your tall and you fear of becoming a hunchback

Nothing is appealing about a tall person who cannot stand up straight. Just like a small plant bending towards light, the spine is susceptible to bending towards the pull of the body weight. And if you’re tall, the chances of that happening is higher. 

How many times have you come across a tall hunchback who looks like a camel when he walks? The root of the cause is the spine as you can tell already. RenuBack is a strap that goes on your upper body and provides a support system for the back. It pulls on your shoulders to stretch it backwards and upwards and positions your back to make you look straight. Long term use of the strap can even result in a permanent solution for bad posture. 

You sit in front of a desk all day long

Office-based work can put a lot of strain on the lumbar muscles in your back. The body goes into a resting position if you’re sitting for a long time- and that’s exactly what happens when you’re spending hours in front of a computer, crunching numbers and writing reports. 

Using a strap inside your shirt when you go out, can help you to keep your posture straight and reduce strain from your back. RenuBack manufacturers guarantee back support, pain relief, and posture correction if you use their product systematically.

You do a lot of heavy lifting

If your job consists of doing the heavy lifting, then you are predisposed to getting back pain. The ligaments in the spine are prone to wear and tear- constant strain on the back can tear ligaments and weaken muscles that allow the spine to stay straight. 

Using RenuBack during weightlifting can reduce the pressure from the spine. The straps share the stress and ease the back. Needless to say that the process can help increase productivity and efficiency. 

You have headaches, body aches, and poor focus

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of your body posture when you’re working all day. The body tends to lean forward after a rigorous session of hard labor in an attempt to take the pressure off the spine, and that’s how it begins. In no time at all, your body will adjust to the lopsided posture and fixate on it. Using RenuBack daily can help combat these involuntary bad habits by constantly giving your reminders whenever your back isn’t straight. The tight straps pull back when you lean forward and/or stoop low, alerting you to fix your posture and sit straight. 

Structurally incorrect body positioning can cause pain, and that can eventually cause headaches and body aches. Using RenuBack daily can prevent all that from happening.   

Finally, a case of Kyphosis

Kyphosis or Osteoporosis is a case of a curved spine that usually comes with old age. The condition is commonly seen with older women, however, children can be affected as well. The root cause of kyphosis in children is malnutrition, and can be treated with medication, supplements, and back support. 

Fractures and degeneration of the spinal disks can also cause kyphosis in infants and older people. Unlucky children are sometimes born with birth defects, such as an undeveloped vertebral cord, that may affect their posture when they grow up. Given the difficulty of the situation, RenuBack can resolve the problems. Even though, in some cases, the product cannot heal the condition, it can provide life-time support.


How does RenuBack work?

  • Velcro fasteners used in the strap are strong and durable. Velcro is a two-sided attachment facility, with hooks on one side and loops of nylon on the other. The two sides come together to patch together and form a strong connecting bond. The Velcro used in RenuBack is high-grade and can withstand rough handling. 
  • The eyelets in the strap are break-proof and made of stainless steel. People allergic to nickel are safe to use the product.
  • The padding inside the straps are cushioned to provide comfort in the underarms and all around. Moreover, the anti-incision edging helps avoid any cuts, scratches, or uncomfortable rubbing. 
  • The polyester and Oxford fabric used in RenuBack is of high quality and super soft to touch. Oxford fabric used to be cotton but has evolved into fused fibers such as rayon and polyester. The straps are designed with it for comfort and easy fitting, and it is a breathable material that does not cause any excess sweating. 

The manufacturers have included a trainer, two pairs of underarm pads, German instructions, and a highly protective packaging for long-distance delivery. 

Can I wash RenuBack?

The product can be washed in the washing machine in forty-five degrees Celsius. But the company recommends that you go easy on it and simply wash it with your hands at thirty degrees Celsius. This is not because the material is weak, but because ‘care’ can only make the product last longer.  [Avoid ironing and tumble dryers]

Why is RenuBack better than any other product in the market?

RenuBack is, indeed, better than any other product available in the market today. The quality, for starters, is premium. The product is very well designed for the utmost efficiency and comfort. Here are more reasons why:

RenuBack is easy to use

RenuBack is a simple design that comes with a comprehensible how-to-use manual. The process is simple:

  • Put the strap on like a vest before fastening it and adjusting it to your body structure.
  • The two straps at the bottom are like seat belts, and can be pulled forward to adjust, using the buckles on the back. You can tighten the straps as much as you need to get the back posture positioned correctly.
  • The two straps are then attached to the Velcro in the front. The Velcro maintains the tension through-out the straps and holds the posture to keep your back straight.

It hides well under clothing

RenuBack can be used daily. As a matter of fact, daily use is recommended for a permanent solution for back pains and forward-leaning posture. The strap hides perfectly well under your shirt and does not cause any discomfort. As mentioned earlier, the material is breathable and will not make you sweat. The design of the product is sleek and it’s hardly visible under your shirt.

It is lightweight and easy to carry

RenuBack is lightweight and easy to carry with you anywhere you go. The product takes up little space in your suitcase while you’re traveling.

RenuBack is worth its money

Affording a chiropractor for constant readjustments can be an expensive feat. Similarly, medications and physician appointments can land a heavy blow to your wallet. Using a RenuBack is a cheaper alternative. Here’s why RenuBack is cost-effective:

  • It doesn’t cost you a kidney to buy a RenuBack. The product initially came out with a price tag of $66.65. But the company is offering a 40% discount which brings the price down to $39.99

Don’t forget: FREE SHIPPING!

  • The material is sturdy and the product lasts for a long time.

More on RenuBack

RenuBack stands out because of its premium-quality build and clever design. The all-around opinion of users is mostly positive. One user said that he had bad posture and back pain from spending long hours sitting in his desk at work. Ever since he started using RenuBack, he has experienced a significant change. The straps help him to sit properly and reduced his back pains. He is very pleased with the quality, says that his colleagues can barely notice the straps under his shirt. According to a daily user, she uses RenuBack when she goes to the gym, at work, and sometimes at home to improve her posture. It only took her a few days to get used to the product. And after a while, she could barely even notice the straps on her. She swears that the product is so good, that she has already ordered more units to give to friends and family members who need it. 

A user, who has to keep standing all day at work, has said that the product has helped him with pain and tension in the back. It has made a substantial change in his lifestyle ever since he had started wearing one. Another user was recommended to use RenuBack by his orthopedic doctor. She was having periodic back pain and daily use of the product has reduced her pain to a great extent. She received a timely delivery when she ordered it and was content with her investment. Click here for more user reviews!

How do I buy the product?

RenuBack can be bought from an online website. The product is available at a reasonable price with time to time discount offers. The manufacturer has disclosed all company information on the site for transparency with its customers. The website offers a user-friendly interface for buyers. You can make payments using a PayPal Account and/or credit cards. When it comes to online safety, the site is secure and keeps all personal and bank information confidential. Besides, payment methods like PayPal have ‘return and refund’ policies that allows the buyer to return the product in case s/he is not satisfied. 

Shipping only takes a couple of days, and the packaging ensures that the product stays safe from damage. I would recommend you buy the product from the manufacturer’s website only to ensure authenticity and enjoy the privileges of discounts. 

Company Details

Name: Strong Current Enterprises Limited 

Address: Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands


Email: [email protected]


United States: +1 609 414 7087

Canada: +1 778 300 0854

United Kingdom & Ireland: +44 8708 200084

Australia & New Zealand: +61 2 8607 8316

If you’re having difficulty deciding on which strap to buy, you need not to look any further. RenuBack can solve your problems and save you from the disappointment of going through poor alternatives before finding the right one. The market is flooded with different brands offering different rates. RenuBack manufacturers are giving out the most lucrative deal.

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