Regenerative Medicine Industry Leader Opens First Clinic in Virginia

Updated on November 27, 2023

QC Kinetix, a fast-growing regenerative medicine franchise that offers a cutting-edge, non-surgical alternative to joint and musculoskeletal pain relief, is thrilled to announce its arrival in the great state of Virginia!

QC Kinetix’s expanded footprint starts in Richmond with the opening of its first clinic on Wednesday, November 29. The clinic is in the Stony Point neighborhood and is the first of several in the metro. QC Kinetix is bringing to Virginia one of the most advanced regenerative medicine options.

The clinic’s owners, Autumn Tobias and Eric Pollard, are driven by a shared commitment to offering the community an alternative to traditional pain relief methods. With a background in business-to-business operations and fire protection services in Raleigh, North Carolina, they bring a fresh perspective to healthcare, focusing on integrity, reputation, and impactful service.

“We were attracted to the idea of offering people another option to consider for relief from pain without having to resort to surgery or medication. The opportunity to make a tangible difference in individuals’ lives is what motivates us,” says Tobias.

Pollard, a Virginia native and James Madison University alumnus, is particularly excited about returning to his roots and contributing to the community he knows so well. The choice to franchise in Richmond was natural for Pollard, aligning with his deep connection to the area.

“I look forward to educating the community about this alternative treatment that can help patients with their aches and pains. Autumn and I are active people who like to travel and play golf, so we’re excited to help our patients rediscover the same joy of an active lifestyle with less pain,” said Pollard.

QC Kinetix uses all-natural biologic protocols that take the best of what the body naturally produces and use it to aid in a patient’s recovery and give them back the quality of life they deserve. It’s an alternative to surgery, NSAIDs, and pain pills that mask the pain but don’t repair the problem. For patients seeking relief from pain due to musculoskeletal injury, chronic joint pain, or hip, knee, back, or shoulder pain, regenerative procedures are the next frontier for treatment. 

Former Dallas Cowboys great and NFL MVP Emmitt Smith is the official spokesperson for QC Kinetix. He knows firsthand the need for innovative chronic pain treatments that help people get back to their active lifestyles. It used to be only elite athletes like Smith had access to regenerative medicine treatments, but rapid growth and innovation in the field have made the treatments accessible to everyone. 

“So many Richmond residents will benefit from these treatments, from those who have retired to anyone enjoying an active lifestyle, as well as athletes and industry workers who can’t afford a long surgery recovery,” says Pollard. 

Regenerative medicine can be used to address a wide variety of health conditions. Pollard, Tobias, and their team are excited to begin providing hair restoration treatment options for men and women in the near future. 

Scott Hoots, CEO of Charlotte-based QC Kinetix, is thrilled for QC Kinetix to expand to Virginia and is confident Pollard, Tobias, and their team will be a tremendous asset to the QC Kinetix franchise.

“Eric and Autumn are ideal QC Kinetix franchisees,” says Hoots. “Their entrepreneurial background and desire to make a difference in people’s lives make them the perfect candidates for us. We can’t wait to see their business grow and for more Virginia residents to see the benefits of these treatments firsthand.”

The QC Kinetix business model is a type of concierge medicine, which continues to grow in popularity. There are none of the difficulties of dealing with insurance companies. Patients pay cash and get a very high level of care and service with state-of-the-art treatments. Every patient receives quality time with their medical provider and a customized plan of treatment based on their individual diagnosis and condition.

QC Kinetix Stony Point operates at 8700 Stony Point, Suite 140, Richmond, VA 23235.

To contact the Stony Point clinic, please call 804-618-PAIN (7246).

For more information about QC Kinetix franchise opportunities, please visit

About QC Kinetix

QC Kinetix is a franchise company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, leading the way in promoting an active lifestyle through comprehensive regenerative medicine treatments designed to address musculoskeletal conditions and joint pain. QC Kinetix leverages the body’s inherent healing properties through state-of-the-art natural biologic treatments, offering alternatives to invasive surgery and addictive pain medications. QC Kinetix also offers hair restoration treatment for men and women, low testosterone therapy for men, and a line of supplements for joint health, men’s health, and hair health. With rapid expansion underway throughout the United States, the healthcare franchise currently operates in over 100 cities. QC Kinetix clinics are committed to maximizing the body’s ability to alleviate pain and restore health from within, significantly enhancing overall function and quality of life. For more information, please visit

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