Records about high marijuana use and vaping

Have you ever used vape to consume marijuana? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you are one of the growing numbers of young people who are using vape instead of the traditional way of smoking weed through a joint.

Whether you are a scientist or not, you can really appreciate the reason behind the use of vape for marijuana use. After all, different methods to consume marijuana creates different effects. This is very similar to how different strains of cannabis can have opposite effects. A new study published revealed that college that students today use marijuana more than any other generations in the last three decades.

These types of research are being used nowadays to support advocacies in legalizing marijuana. Before the legalization of marijuana, many people have used weed in secrecy. However, now that the prohibition for marijuana has been largely removed, people can now openly discuss, grow, and harvest rice. Through this kind of research, scientists are now proving the medicinal benefits of marijuana. In doing so, they have unconsciously made marijuana use a casual and safe practice for all.

The study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan for the university’s annual, national Monitoring, found that despite the nearly nationwide ban on school campuses of smoking marijuana the use skyrocketed in the country in 2018. Describing the statistics as “historic high not seen since 1983,” the study also discovered that the trend is also very similar to vaping and use of e-Cigarettes. 

The research was conducted to explore and describe the drug use habits of young people. In particular, the study covered college students and young adults. The head investigator of this research and a psychology professor at the University of Michigan, John Schulenberg, explained that his team of researchers pursued a group of 19- to 22 year old individuals from the time they entered their senior year of high school up to the present. The study is still currently ongoing and is being used to gather health and social data about this particular generation. 

Of the participants in the study, 1,000 were individuals who have attended either a two- or four-year academic institution. There were also 500 participants who did not go to college or any institution of higher learning after high school. Many of them are doing manual labor.  

Research results revealed that the use of vaping products has doubled from 2017 to 2018. The research also identified some peculiarities in consuming marijuana. They have discovered that the primary use for the vaping products was in fact for cannabis. 

Among the participants, the group of college students, who roughly comprised 11 percent of the population surveyed, have reported that they have consumed weed using vape in the last 30 of taking the survey in 2018. The researchers noted that this was almost 6 percent higher than the college students who admitted to using vape to consume marijuana in 2017. Also, more than 15 percent of the students who have reported of vaped nicotine during the last 30 days. This was a staggering increase from the 9 percent of participants who admitted of using vape in 2017.

The research also found that a sizable number of students have admitted to replace booze with vape. In fact, right now, drinking alcoholic beverages is not considered an important rite of passage. Students are bow replacing their beer with cannabis.

In a written statement, Schulenberg, was quoted,  “This doubling in vaping marijuana among college students is one of the greatest one-year proportional increases we have seen among the multitude of substances we measure since the study began over 40 years ago.” 

The researchers who conducted the study explained that the reason behind the rise of use of vaping was due to the perceived safety of using vaping products as oppose to directly inhaling the smoke from weed or tobacco. The researchers also added that another reason that made e-cigarrettes and vaping products very popular among college students is the fact that heating up cannabis in vape produces aerosolized scents when inhaled that are not experienced when smoking weed directly from the joint.

Furthermore, the scientists also explained that the current openness of the society to marijuana has now made vaping of weed a culturally acceptable and approved practice. This sense of marijuana being an acceptable practice stems directly from the growing knowledge of the health benefits of using medicinal marijuana. As well, the legalization of the medical and recreational use of cannabis has considerably legitimized the notion that, indeed, smoking or vaping marijuana is an acceptable practice in the larger society.

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