Reasons Why You Must See A Physical Therapist Right Now

Updated on November 28, 2019
phsyical therapist
Male amputee with prosthesis in hospital. Man sitting on bed with nurse holding prosthetic limb.

Whether you are a professional who slogs from 9 to 5 or an active sportsperson, there will be times when you may just feel physically drained. At other times, you may experience problems like pain or immobility. People who play sports know how effective physical therapy can be for treating such issues but someone who comes from a different background may not. What are the signs that indicate your body’s needs for physical therapy? You must know these signs and indications so that you may get help sooner rather than later. Here are some reasons why you must see a therapist right now.


If you have been experiencing pain consistently, seeing a therapist is a good idea. Don’t ignore the pain of any kind because lingering pain can be as debilitating as sharp and severe pain. Also, it may or may not be related to injuries but anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or hinders your mobility must be taken seriously.  A physical therapist can definitely help you address pain-related symptoms without adopting medication or aggressive treatment.

Trauma or injury

Another reason to get physical therapy is when you have sudden or traumatic injuries. Even if your injuries do not seem serious on the surface, you must still have a therapist check you. They may detect deep-seated problems that often evade medical tests and even have no symptoms. At the same time, a professional therapist can also provide a solution for pain and discomfort caused by the injury.

Post-surgical rehabilitation 

Your surgeon may recommend physical therapy as a part of the post-surgical rehabilitation process. This is usually done for patients who undergo orthopedic surgeries with the aim to restore mobility and speed up recovery. If you are not sure about what to look for in a physical therapist for the rehab treatment, prioritize experience above everything else. Do check their credentials and ask for recommendations to ensure that you have the best therapist looking after you.

Poor mobility

If you are suffering from mobility constraints and imbalances, it is best to seek treatment from a professional therapist. They can help you restore the basic movement patterns and create a safe, effective and personalized exercise routine for you. They can also work to target and improve the mobility deficits and address any pain or discomfort related to them. In the long run, they can even save you from lasting disabilities and permanent loss of mobility.

Medications don’t help

Another sign that you should not ignore is the inefficacy of pain relief medication. This often indicates that the underlying condition could be more serious than you think. A professional physical therapist can diagnose the actual problem for you and tailor a treatment strategy as well. Also, overdependence on pain killers can have acute side effects in the long run. Having a therapist means that you can get effective pain relief even without medications. 

A physical therapist can be of great help, right from providing you effective pain relief to improving the quality of life in the long run. So you must not ignore these common signs and indications and see a therapist as soon as you can!

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