Reasons Why Phone Use Before Bedtime Isn’t a Healthy Practice

You already got used to the idea of using your phone for several hours each day, even during bedtime. There are various sources of entertainment on your phone, and you might feel tempted to keep browsing even if it’s late. The truth is that it’s an unhealthy practice, and it could have adverse effects on your health. You have to stop doing it now and limit the number of hours using your phone. It also would not hurt to consider EMF protection for home as that would allow you to protect yourself if you must use your phone.

You won’t sleep well

When you use your phone before bedtime, it emits blue light that tells your brain it’s not yet time to sleep. You will feel like it’s too early to go to bed. Even if you force yourself to sleep, you can’t. Failing to have a sufficient number of sleep hours could affect your mood and productivity level the next day. 


You won’t notice the time 

Since you’re enjoying whatever content you’re viewing or reading, you will fail to realize that it’s getting late. Before you know it, you already went beyond your scheduled bedtime. If you leave your phone outside the bedroom, you will immediately fall asleep as soon as you go to bed. 

You feel like you’re missing out 

Placing your phone close to you during bedtime could prevent you from having REM sleep. Your mind constantly tells you to check your phone for emails and other messages. Even if you placed your phone in silent mode and turned the vibration off, you will still feel tempted to check your phone. Since there are updates all the time, your mind tells you that you shouldn’t miss out on anything. Staying as far as you possibly can from your phone prevents you from doing it. 

You might end up with negative thoughts

Although your phone can be a source of entertainment, it can also produce chaotic, violent, and disturbing information. You don’t want this type of content to be the last thing on your mind before you fall asleep. You won’t sleep well at all. You might even keep that image in memory until the next day and fail to focus on the tasks you have to accomplish. 

Change your ways now 

You need to set limits on the number of hours that you can use your phone each day. Once you reach the limit, you have to stay away from your phone. Don’t forget to use EMF protection, especially if you have to use your phone for several hours at a time. Your phone emits radiation, and you need a protective device to prevent it from affecting you. 

If you’re about to sleep, you have to leave your phone in the living room. You can purchase a real alarm clock if you need to use it to wake you up in the morning. If you need something to help you quickly fall asleep, a book is an excellent idea. Start changing your habits now before it’s too late. Image:

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