Reasons why EER is important while purchasing an Air Conditioner


Do you know that your air conditioner is one of the highest energy consumers in your office or home? This definitely has a huge impact on your utility bills. This is why energy efficiency is something that should majorly influence your decision. 

Energy efficiency basically refers to the ability of your air con to achieve that maximum cooling comfort with a low amount of energy usage. A way to determine the level of energy efficiency that a system has is by looking at the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). This is the standard system performance ratings used to calculate the energy efficiency of an air conditioner.   

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) basically gives you an insight on how much cooling capacity your air conditioner unit provides from an amount of energy used. Every air conditioner has a specific EER that is expressed in values or number. You can figure out the Energy Efficiency of your unit using the EER calculator by

Why Understanding EER Matters?

For the most part, the features and the level of performance of your unit takes the bulk of the sales narrative when you are weighing your options for a new air conditioner. However, understanding how energy efficiency works and making it a major factor to consider before buying an air-con, can go a long way in giving you premium value for your money.

With this knowledge, you can be able to properly weigh your options based on the energy-saving capacity of the units. Thus, helping you settle for a very efficient unit. A more energy-efficient unit is a better option in the long run because they help cut your energy cuts drastically. 

By understanding EER, you are technically contributing your own quota to saving the environment.  How? You may ask. It is simple! By cutting power usage in your home, you are basically reducing the load on your power grid, which in turn can be beneficial to the environment.  

Note that: The higher your Energy Efficiency Ratio, the more energy-efficient your air conditioner is. Here are some of the reasons why choosing a unit with a high EER is a great idea:

  • You make significant energy savings, which invariably means you will have a lower electricity bill. With lower utility bills, you can save more money or divert it to other projects
  • Enhanced cooling comfort – Due to superior technology and design, air conditioners with a high EER are also known to be more effective in terms of cooling performance. Minimum Cost of ownership – As an investment, air conditioners with a higher EER are typically built robust and durable, and therefore, less prone to system breakdowns.
  • Low carbon footprint – For the most part, the components of cooling units with a high EER are eco-friendlier. They often include an ozone-friendly refrigerant.


Properly managing the energy use of your home is very important and your family’s comfort is equally important. By understanding what EER means, you can raise the comfort level of your family while still cutting energy costs. Buying an air conditioner with a higher EER is more or less investment with returns coming from lower energy bills.

It is important to note that systems with low EER consume so much energy without having the high level of sophistication that a system which low EER has.

While air conditioners with higher EER are often more expensive than those with lower EER systems, the level of performance and the energy savings would make the initial cash outlay seem insignificant. This is why understanding EER is important when purchasing an air conditioner.