Reasons to Choose a Short-Term Medical Insurance Plan

Updated on December 21, 2020

Short-term medical insurance can be an affordable and effective solution if you are looking for health coverage during transitional periods of your life. You can pick advanced insurance policies like Choice Advantage STM plan. 

What Is a Short Term Medical Insurance Plan?

Short-term health or medical insurance is a type of health plan that will offer you temporary medical coverage if you are between health plans, outside registration periods, and need some coverage for an emergency. 

However, to get the utmost advantage of a short-term health insurance plan, you need to understand how a specific policy works, its costs, and what it covers. Following are some reasons helpful for you if you should choose a short-term medical insurance plan.


Choosing a comprehensive long-term health plan at times may not be possible for you. Here, opting for a short-term plan is beneficial as it will cover the short-term insurance requirements. Moreover, you can easily get the premium within your budget.

In other words, because of the restricted coverage that your short term health insurance plans provide and the limited period of coverage it offers you, it tends to have significantly lower prices than standard health insurance. 

Experience Flexibility 

Though short-term medical insurance plans are not inclined to offer you permanent coverage, you can indicate how long you want your coverage to continue, within specific limits. 

Depending on your personal needs, you can easily choose a suitable tenure, ranging from 3 months to 6 months. You cannot find this flexibility in a long-term health plan that comes with the least term of one year.

Cashless Hospitalization

Payment of substantial medical bills can turn out to be demanding for you when a medical emergency arises. Once you opt for short-term policies like Choice Advantage STM or Choice Advantage Health Insurance, you will experience a cashless hospitalization feature that eliminates this burden. 

You can use such a policy at any network hospital of the insurer. The medical expenses are going to be directly settled with the hospital. However, it will be subject to policy terms and conditions. 

Fill the Gaps in Your Coverage 

It is not rare to face a gap in coverage when you sign up for a new medical or health insurance plan or take a new job. The point is, if you do not want to go completely uninsured in the initial month of the year, a short-term plan may offer you a valued layer of protection.

Lifelong Renewability

Being a policyholder, if you wish to get continued coverage under your short-term health plans, you can get the feature of lifelong renewability. 

Cap Your Liability for Different Medical Expenses

Maybe short-term insurance plans will not typically provide you with coverage for pre-existing medical conditions or preventive care. Still, these policies cover the sorts of medical bills you may encounter if you suddenly injure yourself, get ill, or are hospitalized. 

If you are without standard health insurance coverage temporarily , it is good to know that you have some financial protection if an unexpected incident takes place.

To sum up, remember that short-term insurance policies like Choice Advantage STM or Choice Advantage Health Insurance are great for you. They are not primarily envisioned to serve as a replacement for your standard major health insurance plans but might be a good option for as short-term. 

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