Ralph Pisano

Ralph Pisano Appointed President of Nuwae

Nuwae, a company focused on reinventing patient drug access and affordability, has joined the Goodroot community of companies and its commitment to lowering healthcare costs. Ralph Pisano, who has been president of Goodroot affiliate company RemedyOne since 2020, will assume the role of president of Nuwae.

A quarter of Americans don’t take their prescription medications due to cost and complexity, and patients in the U.S. can pay wildly different amounts for the same drug due to variance in the traditional drug pricing system. Nuwae is building solutions that addresses this issue head on, by delivering lower out of pocket costs directly to the patient and improving outcomes across the pharmacy spectrum.

Through transparent partnerships with PBMs, health plans and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Nuwae is lowering drug costs for patients, insurers and employers.

“Unfortunately, patients and the employers who bear the costs of pharmacy benefits, rarely see the full benefit of traditional pharmaceutical manufacturer rebates, manufacturer copay assistance programs and other programs designed to decrease drug costs that typically end up driving profit elsewhere in the drug supply chain,” says Pisano. “It sounds so simple, but delivering discounts that directly lower drugs costs for the patient and the payer is absolutely revolutionary.”

Pisano has more than 30 years of experience as a pharmacist with a background in managed care and is one of the leading experts on formulary optimization and drug rebates in the U.S. He joined RemedyOne in 2015 as an EVP and rose to president through his mastery of the intricacies of adjudication systems, specialty drugs and medical expenses, as well as comprehensive knowledge of pharmaceutical manufacturer, health plan and PBM operations. Pisano has a passion for eliminating the harsh realities that patients often face when drugs are priced at astronomical levels.

“When patients don’t take the drugs they need, they get sicker, the cost for all stakeholders is higher and the pharmaceutical company sells fewer drugs. Everyone is unhappy,” explains Pisano. “Everyone is losing in the current system except the middlemen who benefit from the excess profits. Nuwae’s solutions ensure that the patient, plan sponsor and insurance company pay less, pharmaceutical companies see greater utilization and patients will be healthier.”

“Nuwae represents another piece to the puzzle in our list of growing solutions to reinvent healthcare,” says Goodroot CEO Michael Waterbury. “We are investing our time, money and effort into Nuwae because we believe it has the potential to revolutionize the Rx industry and impact patients in a profoundly positive way.”

About Goodroot
Goodroot is an interconnected community of companies making every interaction between human and health accessible, affordable and seamless. Goodroot’s community, which includes AlignRxBreezCoeoRxEmry HealthPenstockRemedyOne and Sola  — delivers transformative tech and proactive services that enable clients, partners and patients to reap more value from the money spent on health. To date, Goodroot companies have removed over $1 billion in wasteful and unnecessary spending from the healthcare industry. Goodroot is the third-ranking healthcare company on the 2023 Real Leaders list of Top Impact Companies. goodrootinc.com

About Nuwae 
Nuwae is a company focused on reinventing patient drug access and affordability. We believe that there should be one price for a drug, no matter who is paying. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to lower the cost of prescription drugs by redeeming the tarnished “pharmaceutical rebate” into a force for good. We’re solving the issues that drive drug prices to astronomical levels, ultimately lowering out-of-pocket costs and providing equitable access and outcomes for patients. Our mission is grounded in the belief that access to important medications should not be seen as a luxury or a benefit for select patients, and that no one should have to ration their medication due to cost. nuwaehealth.com

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