Questions To Ask A Dental Office When Booking An Appointment

Updated on June 8, 2020
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Booking a dental appointment at Paramus Dental Arts clinic or a clinic near you should be given just as much importance as booking a doctor’s appointment. Your teeth, albeit a minor part of your body, play a very significant role in your health. With so many dentists to choose from, taking good care of your oral health shouldn’t feel like much of a problem. But how can you be sure that the dentist you’re about to visit is, in fact, a good one? You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of putting your health in the hands of the wrong medical professional.

To make the process of choosing the right dental office easier for you, you also have to ask the right questions. That way, you’ll also get to know the dentist better and filter out your choices. What questions should you ask? Here’s a list you can take note of:

1. How Often Do I Need To Come For A Check-Up?

Generally, the dental staff will be able to give you an overall idea of how frequently their patients should visit the dental office. This means that before you actually start committing to a dental procedure, you already know right then and there if it’s something that you can do regularly.

Whether you’re coming in for cleaning maintenance or to have some special job done, it would be great to know about the frequency of your dentist appointments early on. This is especially helpful if you’ve also got kids or a whole family to bring for their appointments. Generally, you might be asked to go at least once every six months for regular cleaning. But if more work has to be done, you’d need to go every so often.

2. What Are Your Operating Hours?

In choosing a dental office, it’s also essential to ask about the operating hours. That way, you can filter out your options early as to which dentists best fit your schedule. When you’re working, and you also have a family to manage, you’d want your dental appointments to be a breeze. Anything that is not manageable within your schedule will only give you a hard time.

Along this line, you can also ask if the dental office is open on weekends. That way, you have more leeway regarding your schedule. This comes in handy when your weekdays suddenly become so full.

3. Do I Need To Bring Anything On My Appointment?

If this is your first time booking an appointment, you’ll also want to ask the dental staff if there’s anything you should bring with you on your first appointment. The dentist may want to look at your medical history and other related documents. That way, you and the dentist are on the same page and they won’t perform any procedure that you may have adverse reactions to. 

Asking about what documents to bring may also be necessary in order for the dental staff to create a record for you in their clinic.

4. What Is The Overall Range Of Your Fees

Of course, it’s also important to ask about the fees. That way, you’ll have an overall idea about how much regular dental visits for your whole family will cost you in a year. If you’re a candidate for a more complicated procedure, ask about the price, too, as this can likely be quite expensive.

When you ask about the fees, make a comparison between two or three dentists. That way, you’re able to choose the most affordable option. The dental staff won’t be able to give you an exact amount, but they should be able to give you quite a good estimate. 

6. Do You Accept My Insurance Policy?

In relation to the fees, it’s also important to ask about whether or not the dental office can accommodate your insurance policy. If you’ve got medical or dental insurance, ask the dental office if they take yours or not. If they don’t, consider looking for other dental clinics that do. There’s no harm in being able to save on your dental procedure by looking for a dental office that recognizes your insurance policy. 


While consulting with a dentist can be quite intimidating, there are ways that you can ease your worries. Think of your first consultation as if you were talking to a friend. Give yourself a chance to get to know more about each other. Moreover, don’t be shy to ask questions like those enumerated above. A professional and reputable dental office will be more than willing to give you the best answers.

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