Quantum Health Launches New Preferred Partners Program to Give Consumers a Better Healthcare Experience and Deliver Better Results for Employers

Updated on March 1, 2022

Quantum Health, the leading consumer healthcare navigation and care coordination company, today launched the first phase of its new Preferred Partners program, designed to help employers easily and effectively incorporate leading digital health solutions into their benefits plans. This program is the first component in Quantum Health’s suite of Comprehensive Care Solutions, designed to simplify benefits programs and consistently deliver sustained value and results.

Healthcare consumers need access to an increasingly wide array of healthcare and benefits solutions. However, the rapid increase in the availability of such solutions has created a huge burden for human resources professionals, who spend over 30% of their time each week procuring and managing a complicated array of benefit vendors. This leaves little time to focus on producing tangible results for their most important priorities: driving employee engagement and retention, improving healthcare outcomes and reducing costs.

“Employers have spoken, and we listened,” said Shannon Skaggs, president of Quantum Health. “Employers want benefits that are customized to the unique needs of their changing workforces. They also want simplicity, support and – most importantly – results. With our first class of Preferred Partners, we deliver easy and effective access to leading solutions that will optimize an employer’s total benefits program.”

All employers tackle unique needs within their workforce, from addressing acute health challenges and complex, chronic conditions such as behavioral health, diabetes, cancer, musculoskeletal (MSK) and gastrointestinal disorders, to optimizing prescription drug utilization and price transparency. Quantum Health supports these needs with its first class of Preferred Partners, which includes:

  • Hinge Health: Leading digital MSK clinic that reduces back and joint pain, surgeries, and opioid use by combining wearable sensors and AI vision technology with a complete clinical care team
  • Kidneylink: A nephrologist-centered solution to improve outcomes for individuals with late-stage and end-stage chronic kidney disease and part of U.S. Renal Care
  • Oshi Health: Virtual-first gastrointestinal care clinic that integrates evidence-based medical care and dietary and behavioral health support
  • Rx Savings Solutions: Clinically sound prescription drug pricing services to help members save money through lower-cost alternatives
  • Teladoc Health: Leading integrated virtual care system focused on delivering, enabling and empowering whole-person health, including chronic care management
  • Coming soon: In addition to this robust, introductory lineup of Preferred Partners, Quantum Health will soon unveil a new class of solutions featuring partnerships with two leading behavioral health providers

“Simply providing access to solutions is no longer enough. Employers need results that are meaningful for their workforce and their bottom line,” said Skaggs. “Quantum Health is the only navigation platform that directly integrates with an extensive array of healthcare providers and proven digital health solutions, using our proprietary data insights and early intervention to increase engagement and outcomes for employers, while improving the healthcare experience for employees. No other solution matches this powerful approach or the remarkable results that we deliver.”

Because of Quantum Health’s approach, one automobile manufacturer saw a 42% increase in ongoing utilization for its preferred diabetes program. This increased utilization produced a better return on their overall benefits investment and increased member satisfaction.

“These aren’t just casual handshake revenue deals. We integrate and work with over 700 vendors across the healthcare landscape on a daily basis,” said Skaggs. “This depth of clinical knowledge, coupled with data insights from over 400 navigation clients and more than 2 million members, means that we know what is effective and what will drive the results employers need.”

Flexibility and choice for employers are key to Quantum Health’s unique model and value. From the company’s inception, it has offered an open integration platform, and its new Preferred Partners program builds on that flexible foundation. With Quantum Health, employers are not forced to choose from a limited roster of solutions. Rather, employers can customize their benefits programs with any combination of partner solutions to complement their core program with Quantum Health.  

To further reduce administrative burden for human resources professionals, Quantum Health follows a rigorous vetting and integration process for all digital health solutions in its Preferred Partners program. This includes validating results requirements, using data science to ensure quality protocols are met for clinical and service quality, and overseeing and streamlining technology integration, security and reporting.

“Our flexible Preferred Partners program will help employers not only deliver on their current benefits priorities — it will effectively set them up for future success,” said Zane Burke, CEO, Quantum Health. “This adaptability is increasingly important as employers work to balance their rapidly evolving workforce demands and deliver results in the highly dynamic world of workplace benefits.”  

In the coming months, Quantum Health will continue to bolster its powerful Preferred Partners program with new classes of leading solutions for employers. To learn more, visit https://quantum-health.com/solutions/comprehensive-care-solutions/

About Quantum Health
Quantum Health is the industry-leading consumer healthcare navigation and care coordination company that delivers an unparalleled consumer experience to its members, as well as validated claims savings and high satisfaction rates for its self-insured employer clients. Quantum Health’s proprietary Real-Time Intercept® model identifies opportunities for early intervention in a member’s healthcare journey, resulting in better engagement, outcomes and cost-efficiencies.

The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Dublin, Ohio. Since its inception, Quantum Health has earned numerous awards and honors, including being named among the Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. 5000, and a Great Place to Work by FORTUNE Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. The Women Presidents’ Organization has ranked Quantum Health as one of the 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies, and Columbus Business First has honored Quantum Health as a Best Place to Work.

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