Pure Smiles – The pros of getting your teeth whitened by a dentist

Updated on April 26, 2023

Having your teeth whitened can build your confidence by making your smile sparkle. The popularity of UK teeth whitening is increasing and you might have a few questions about it before proceeding.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening is when your teeth are bleached with a substance usually containing peroxide to make them appear whiter than their current color.

The bleach will break down the stains on your teeth to make them less pronounced and give off a lighter shade.

No tooth-whitening process will make your teeth completely white, but a teeth-whitening dentist can certainly make them lighter.

The effects of professional teeth whitening can last from months to years, depending on several lifestyle factors and oral maintenance.

UK teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure so you would have to pay for the service.

Do I have to go to a teeth whitening dentist?

It’s strongly recommended that you use a professional teeth whitening dentist who is registered.

In the UK, teeth whitening conducted by unqualified people is illegal. Reject any offers to have your teeth whitened by somebody who is not General Dental Council registered as it is potentially unsafe and might not work properly.

Home kits are available and often cheaper but that doesn’t mean they’re as effective as visiting a teeth whitening dentist to conduct the procedure.

The strength of the bleach substances used by professionals often means they are more effective than home kits, and because they are qualified in their field, they are less likely to damage your gums or teeth.

For those of you with sensitive teeth, home teeth whitening kits carry a risk of causing pain during the process. This is why within UK teeth whitening, visiting a specialist in person reduces those risks.

What other advantages does a teeth whitening dentist bring?

Not only are the results likely to be more successful when seeing a professional, but your teeth are also probably going to appear whiter sooner too. 

The equipment and expertise involved with professional teeth whitening ensure you’ll receive the best way and quickest results.

What isn’t often considered by customers paying for home teeth whitening kits are the existing crowns, dentures, or fillings you may have won’t change color with your teeth. This is because the powder or gel used doesn’t react to the composite material of your repair work.

This is also true for services performed at a teeth whitening dentist, but they can provide advice on what you should do so everything in your mouth matches. For instance, they might offer to fit a replacement crown in a color that matches your newly whitened teeth.


As we’ve established, UK teeth whitening is a market that has grown exponentially. As the demand grows, so does the research into the most efficient ways to whiten teeth successfully. But given the risks, it’s always better to have this procedure done at a dentist who specializes in the procedure. 

For those based in London, Pure Smiles offers a professional whitening service with guaranteed results. Explore your options for getting a brighter smile, and contact the Fulham-based dental practice today.

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