Protect Your Vision While You Work

Updated on June 27, 2021

Don’t look. This advice sounds easy enough, but it’s not an option for remote workers who muster all their energy to squint at their work laptops to make a living — even if it physically pains them.  
Eye strain can disrupt workflow when tasks that usually take a few minutes take much longer to complete. With the headaches, dry eyes, shoulder, and neck pain that accompany eye strain, work may feel pretty defeating.  
Nevertheless, eye strain also serves as a reminder to take a much-needed break. Pain is our brains trying to protect us. The good news? There are some easy ways to reduce risk for eye strain. Unplugging just enough to prevent it allows employees to finish tasks in a healthy, timely manner. Use the graphic below to learn more about helpful strategies to better protect your eyes while on the job.  

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