Prosperity in Kriya Yoga

Updated on February 28, 2022

People take up meditative practices for many different reasons, but chances are if you’re interested in Kriya Yoga or balancing your chakras, you’re interested in embarking on a journey toward true fulfillment.

Prosperity is a term frequently associated with Kriya Yoga, but before you can truly grasp how these two concepts connect, it’s important to learn what prosperity is in a more general sense.

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What Does Prosperity Mean?

The definition of prosperity depends largely upon who you ask. Often, people tend to think a prosperous person is someone who has a great deal of material and financial wealth; as you may have guessed, prosperity meditation takes a different approach.

In Kriya Yoga, prosperity is still predicated upon abundance, just not the same sort of material abundance that traditional definitions prize.

To be clear, Kriya Yoga recognizes that material wealth will always be a primary aim for human beings on their quest toward total fulfillment, just not the penultimate one. In fact, it is the first of four major aims discussed in Vedas, an ancient Sanskrit text:

  1. Dharma — lifestyle that aligns in harmony with cosmic order
  1. Artha — material or financial wealth
  1. Kama — enjoying one’s life
  1. Moksha — a state of transcendent release and freedom

Although it may sound simple, achieving dharma is far more difficult than many people anticipate, and it is the largest function of Kriya Yoga.

How Kriya Yoga Generates Peace and Prosperity

As is evident by the unusual definition of prosperity utilized in the practice of Kriya Yoga, the sort of peace and prosperity you can hope to achieve through your practice will come from inside of you rather than from the assistance of any outside sources.

The world around you will not suddenly change when you begin practicing Kriya Yoga in earnest, but something inside of you will change. You will find it easier to connect with your inner self and remove the barriers that have blocked your internal communication.

When you are able to connect with yourself, prosperity meditation will come naturally. You will find that once you achieve internal harmony, gaining a similar synchronicity with the rest of the world (and indeed, the rest of the universe) does not feel like such a tall order.

Kriya Yoga will not bring you material wealth or change the world around you, but it will bring you something far more valuable and alter your understanding of prosperity for the better.

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