Private Schooling in Switzerland: All You Need to Know

Updated on December 20, 2018

Your child’s education is supposed to be your main priority when moving to another country with your children. Luckily for those parents moving to Switzerland, the country’s education system is considered to be among the very best in the world. 

There are so many types of schools to choose from including state schools, international schools, and private schools, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages as pertains to the special education needs of foreign children that have been relocated to Switzerland. 

Private schools in Switzerland are a big allure for many foreign parents that are relocating to the country from different parts of the world. However, before enrolling your child in a Swiss private school, there are a couple of things you should know.

These things include:

  1. Low Swiss population

There are numerous private schools in Switzerland, but very few Swiss children actually attend these schools. Most of the local children go to the state schools probably because they are free, and teach in the local languages. In most of these private schools, you will find that the majority of children here are foreigners. 

  1. Tuition is high

Private schooling in Switzerland is regarded as very prestigious, and as such, these institutions usually demand very high tuition fees. Keep in mind that public schooling in Switzerland is free until the child completes upper secondary education. However, many foreign parents do not hesitate from paying these high fees because of how highly prestigious these institutions are in the country. 

If you intend on enrolling your kids in Swiss private schools, ensure that you factor in the high cost of tuition as you plan for Relocation to Switzerland.

  1. Class size, facilities, and environment

In most private schools in the country, the class sizes are smaller with a lower teacher to student ratio compared to the situation in the Swiss public schools. This focussed attention can be very impactful on your child as the teachers here are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each child fairly quickly. The result is a well-rounded individual who will be adept at handling the many challenges of adulthood. 

You can also expect better learning facilities in such institutions owing to the huge investment made by them in providing superior education to the children learning there. 

The environment in private Swiss schools is often multicultural because such schools are mainly preferred by foreign families. The multicultural environment has numerous benefits for your child including the fact that they will be exposed to a multitude of cultures while at a young age. This will help them develop a tolerance and understanding of different cultures outside of their own. They in a sense transform into a citizen of the world. 

In addition, the foreign children find it easier to transition to their new Swiss environment when they school in institutions where they are not the only ones who do not speak the local languages. In most private schools in the country, English is the main language used, unlike in the public schools, where English is taught as a third language.

 Because of this, it is much easier for the kids to socialize, make friends, and adapt quicker to their new environment. 

  1. Curriculum

Private schools usually offer at least three curriculums that can adequately cater to your child’s needs. The schools can offer the Swiss national curriculum alongside a foreign national curriculum and an international curriculum that leads to internationally recognised qualifications. 

Some of the international curriculums include the IB, French baccalaureate, and the American high school diploma. With all of these choices available, you cannot lack to find a curriculum that is in line with your child’s needs, as well as with the curriculum they were studying in their home country. 

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