Presidio and Biolytica Revolutionize Healthcare with Cutting-Edge Data-Driven Platform

Updated on June 15, 2023
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Presidio, a leading tech company renowned for helping prominent brands solve technology challenges, has recently achieved remarkable milestones by collaborating with healthcare startup Biolytica

Together, they have developed an innovative platform that integrates many health data sources into a single platform to provide real-time analytics, revolutionizing patient care. In an interview with Presidio’s CTO, Rob Kim, we delve into the motivations behind this collaboration, the technological innovations that made the platform a reality, and its transformative impact on patient outcomes.

Building Trust and Collaboration

According to Rob, “It started with a relationship from prior professional interactions and success.” The collaboration between Presidio and Biolytica was founded on trust, as key members had previously collaborated on successful projects.  

Rob explains, “Dave Angradi, VP for Presidio Digital Solutions, collaborated with Dan Fobes and Mike Morris of Biolytica on past initiatives while Dan led IT efforts for a global biotech organization.” 

Their prior success led to friendships built on trust, forming the foundation for this significant initiative. When Biolytica shifted focus, Rob recalls, “Dan reached back out to Dave – like getting the band back together to repeat past success.”

Technological Innovations Enabling Real-Time Analytics

Discussing the technological aspects of the platform, Rob emphasizes the challenge of processing and analyzing the abundance of real-time data generated by wearable devices. 

He states, “The amount of real-time data we now have access to can be overwhelming,” highlighting the need to aggregate, correlate, and analyze this data. 

Rob further elaborates, “The initial phase of the platform focused on collecting and processing all of these disparate data sources, which now includes IOT connected devices like weight scales and Social Media feeds.” 

Integrating diverse data sources provides a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s health. Rob also emphasizes the platform’s extensibility, stating, “The platform was built with extensibility to allow for future integration of new data sources and services that can continue to give you a complete biological ‘picture’ that dynamically updates in near real-time.”

Transforming Patient Care

Rob explains the platform’s impact on patient care, stating, “The ability to capture this data can help track progress and also give better insight into how a particular drug, food item, or exercise affects an individual – near real-time.” 

This real-time feedback loop enables healthcare providers to dynamically make data-driven decisions and fine-tune treatment plans. 

Rob provides examples to illustrate the platform’s significance, saying, “For example, physicians prescribe medicine for treatment of disease all the time – but they don’t know if their patient is taking medicine at the correct interval or at all.” 

The platform addresses this challenge by providing real-time insights and ensuring medication adherence. Similarly, Rob notes, “Nutritionists that recommend a diet and exercise plan can’t witness the behaviors of their patients until their next visit or through manual updates made by the patient.” The platform bridges this gap by enabling better monitoring and personalized interventions.

Ensuring Security and Privacy

Addressing concerns about data security and privacy, Rob highlights the measures taken by Presidio. He states, “With the advent of Generative AI, the concern around data exfiltration is the prevailing issue.” 

Presidio prioritizes security and implements proper data classification and modern security policies to protect patient data. Rob emphasizes that security is intrinsic to the design and deployment of the solution, stating, “Everything has to be secured by design.”

Future Collaborations and Innovations

When discussing future collaborations and innovations, Rob expresses excitement about the possibilities. He envisions advancements in wearable technology and data-sharing, 

“Wearable technology will continue to improve, and the shift from HL7 to FHIR will make secured and compliant EMR data-sharing even more accessible,” he says. “The possibility becomes endless, especially considering how access to data is becoming far easier with technology.” 

He also suggests that sharing quantified data on improved patient outcomes could benefit insurers in lowering healthcare coverage costs.

Presidio’s Role in Healthcare Digital Transformation

Rob clarifies that Presidio’s role in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry is not centered around manufacturing wearable technology. He explains, “While Presidio doesn’t build wearable technology (although some of our clients do), its access to the telemetry is the key.” 

Presidio focuses on collecting, processing, and analyzing the data through standardized API integration, delivering a personalized digital experience that can scale through cloud infrastructure.


Presidio’s collaboration with Biolytica has resulted in the developing of a cutting-edge, data-driven platform that empowers healthcare providers with real-time analytics. By leveraging wearable technology and integrating diverse data sources, the platform enables personalized patient care, early detection, and a shift toward prevention and wellness. 

Rob’s insights emphasize the significance of trust, technological innovation, and data security in driving this transformative endeavor. As Presidio continues to innovate and collaborate, it remains at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare.

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