Practices and Tips for the Best Facebook Live Ever

Updated on November 24, 2021

If you are a business owner, you have surely noticed how it is getting more and more difficult to get your posts seen in the news feed of Facebook. Of course, it is not a secret that you need to spend some cash to ensure that your posts will be visible to your followers.

But, what if you don’t have the budget to do it? 

Well, don’t worry because you can always turn to Facebook Live!

However, you cannot just go live and expect results. The following are some of the best practices and tips for facebook and remember to harness the full power of your Facebook Live. 

Use the Right Broadcasting Equipment

Facebook now let business pages run Facebook Live broadcast from the apps for tablets and smartphones. While it is easy and to simple to broadcast from any of these devices, you need to choose one over the other depending on what you want to broadcast. If you need to move around a lot, for example, you can use a smartphone

Create Calls to Action and Talking Points 

Before tapping on that Go Live button, don’t forget to determine the broadcast’s purpose in the first place. Maybe you want to show off your new products, livestream an important event, have a Q&A session, or make some announcements. No matter what you want to focus on, list down the topics you like to cover and the questions you want to ask your audience or guests so you won’t have to come up with talking points while on a roll. 

Conduct a Dry Run

Yes, a dry run before your Facebook Live broadcast will help you become more at ease and comfortable prior to going on air. You can change the post’s privacy settings to Only Me or you can broadcast to your own friends using your personal page. The video will be saved in your account so you can watch it to see if there are changes you need to make before your live broadcast. 

Come Up with a Title for Your Broadcast

The camera will turn on once you click on Facebook’s Live Button and below it is a space where you can describe your livestream. Use this to share details about what you will live stream to set expectations for those who see the activity in their news feed. You can also give this more context by tagging pages or people who are part of the broadcast. 

Interact with the Audience

Greeting your audience can make them feel as if they are also part of the broadcast. While Facebook Live shows how many people are watching the broadcast, you cannot see their names so it is up to you to interact with them and encourage them to talk to you. For instance, you can ask them where they are watching from and when they answer, you can see their names. Greet them by name and let other viewers know their locations. 

Facebook Live may seem daunting at first but with these tips, you can nail it with ease! 

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