Powdered Urine vs. Synthetic Urine: Pass urine drug test with powdered pee


Have you ever heard of powdered urine? Have you faced a urine drug test? Let us discuss how this test works, why this test is conducted, and how it can be passed quickly.

There is a drug test held for the employees by their employers before hiring them or after certain days of work. The drug test may be taken in a number of ways, but what most of the employers do is they prefer urine drug tests and inform the employees a day or two before it will be conducted. At that time, an employee may feel confused, irritated, and tense about how you can detox your body. And as we all know, this is not only the work any employee has before their recruitment process and can’t give all attention to this drug test.

There are two options any employee has. Either they prefer synthetic urine or go for powdered urine. In such conditions, powdered urine is considered to be the best alternative, and the powdered urine kits are exclusively available to help you pass the drug test and achieve your dreams by getting your dream job. Let’s discuss why powdered urine is given preference. 


Synthetic Urine 

As the name suggests, synthetic is something made using artificial ingredients and chemicals and not regarded as real. Synthetic urine is similarly urine made by mixing and treating different chemicals to impersonate real urine. Synthetic urine is made to possess all the features real urine has started from the color and smell to the capability of passing that harsh drug test. 

The companies producing synthetic urine are pushing their levels up and now have started to add uric acid in the Synthetic Urine they produced and thus leaves no clue for the testers to fail you in the urine drug test. 

But there always comes something wrong with every good idea. The use of synthetic urine is discouraging day-by-day due to its immense failures. Going for a drug test with synthetic urine is actually risky for you as an employee. Because many drug testing labs have developed pieces of equipment to test whether the urine is artificial or real, also, the main problem encountered by synthetic urine is that most of the states are dampening the use of synthetic urine, and this will extend to all other states as well. 

Thus, risking your job on the basis of this synthetic urine is something you should not do because it will definitely have an apparent negative effect that you have tried to cheat them in this drug test, so you may also cheat them in the future. They would not be able to build trust in you. 

Real Powdered Urine

The powdered urine is the only option left after discarding the synthetic urine method. Powdered urine is basically used to clear the urine drug test, and this is something you can depend on because it will provide a quality sample of urine, and unlike synthetic urine, real powdered urine is the real urine. In this case, you don’t have to give any fake sample and thus gives you relief from being fired when failing the urine drug test. 

Powdered urine is basically the urine in the dehydrated and powdered form. The main advantage with the powdered urine is that the person using this can hide whatever he/she may want that their employer must not know about it like personal health issues, previous drug usage, and much more. Its effectiveness has been increasing day-by-day because of the fact that it is the actual urine just in the powdered form to hide all your personal issues you want anyone should not know about. 

One thing people giving their urine samples should keep in mind is that if they are being monitored while providing the urine samples, there is a chance to get caught. So, what most people do with powdered urine is that they secretly hide the powder underneath their clothes to make the person realize that it is the actual urine. 

One of the best products in the category, according to this powdered urine review, is made by Test Clear, and it’s is great for people submitting to an unsupervised drug test. Of course, it comes in powder form, which requires some preparation, but once prepared, it will help you pass any urinalysis test. Thanks to its chemical makeup, the Test Clear Powdered Urine provides exceptionally high chances of success. 

As one of the top freeze-dried urine products on the market, TestClear human urine is undetectable through conventional laboratory analysis, outing the possibility of getting caught. It even looks, smells, and foams like regular urine so that it won’t raise any red flags during sample collection. Just make sure you prepare the sample according to instructions, and bring it to the correct temperature before testing.  

Synthetic Urine vs. Real Powdered Urine: Which is better?

Therefore, talking about which is the best method to go for, choosing powdered urine is the best if you are actually worried about your job and don’t want to be a part of other’s laughter at the time of test results. Getting a job isn’t easy, and being fired just because of failed drug tests is even more annoying and painful.

You may purchase a real powdered urine kit from any online site after reviewing it yourself or purchasing a guide to fake urine products. Some websites provide exceptionally suitable test kits with cleansing drinks and additional guides to help you clear the urine drug test without facing any issues. Consuming cleansing drinks to make your body toxin rid is an important step to be done, and you should start consuming them as soon as possible to increase your chances of passing the drug test quickly and with no mental pressure. 

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