Porcelain Veneers Before And After For Amazing Smile Transformation

Updated on July 27, 2020

Porcelain veneers provide an ideal option for smile transformation to people across the world. It corrects several cosmetic dentistry issues. This prosthetic has gained unmatched popularity in all sections of society, including Hollywood and Instagram celebrities. They love to talk about their benefits.

Today, porcelain veneers address Hollywood smile makeover because of its high success and outstanding result in addressing your flaws of smiles. If you are thinking of getting a smile makeover, you must know different factors that contribute to the success of this prosthetic procedure.

Natural Teeth Like Appeal

Porcelain veneers are available in a variety of colour shades of white to enhance the visual appeal of your teeth naturally. It is renowned for giving the appearance of natural teeth that a very few cosmetic dental procedures can help you to achieve.

Cosmetic dentists use the latest software, advanced smile designing tools, or shade cards to decide the colour of veneers matching your natural tooth. The dentist usually considers the colour of your neighbouring teeth to decide the type of shades required for your individual porcelain veneer placements.

If you want to get a complete smile makeover by placing 6-8 porcelain veneers in the upper and lower jaw, you can choose the colour shade that best fits your face and enhances your total visual appeal.

Custom-Designed Option

The shape and size of your teeth play a significant role in defining the visual aesthetic of your smile and face. Misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth can bring a negative appeal of your smile. Porcelain veneers can custom design the shape and size of your teeth to offer you the desired smile.

The advanced technology has introduced digital impression capturing systems and modern smile designing tools to simplify the job of dentists. It helps them in delivering the most accurate results possible. Your dentist may consider several factors, including gender, age, the shape of your face and more to choose the shape of dental veneers that best suits your face.

For example, if you have a rounder face, you will get longer and thinner veneers to make it appear slim. Similarly, people having a long face will get shorter and wider. If you want a masculine smile, you can get square veneers, while soft and rounded veneers can help you with a feminine look.

High Durability

Porcelain veneers are known for high durability or long-lasting results. It contributes to the success and popularity of this cosmetic dental procedure. It requires minimal maintenance to provide you with an excellent result beyond 20 years.

These prosthetics are not fragile. They do not generally show dental issues like decay, sensitivity, and more. Porcelain veneers are renowned for improving your oral health. It avoids inconsistent gaps between your teeth and minimises the exposure of your teeth to sugary items or acidic foods.

Stain Resistance Capabilities

Porcelain veneers showcase excellent stain resistance properties, making it a natural choice for you if you are looking for a gleaming smile in long-term. Veneers do not usually chip or crack due to pressure or strength of the material. It requires minimum maintenance.

Final Thought

Porcelain veneers help in transforming your smile in the most natural way. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can help you to retain your tooth. In a nutshell, it can deliver what is expected most from a cosmetic makeover.


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