Points to remember when shopping for mobility aid for a disabled person

Updated on June 11, 2019

Buying disability equipment from online or offline stores on your own can be useful if you are looking for options as well as for a quicker solution. But since you will have to bear the entire expense in this case, it is better you make an informed choice so that you get the desired product for a price that is easy on your pocket. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind to ensure you get a perfect choice.

Seek advice from experts

Consultation with a physiotherapist or occupational therapist in this matter can be fruitful as nobody else can tell you better what is the best device for a particular patient. You can schedule a meeting with them at a clinic, a living center, or a social services department in your locality.

Identify your requirements

Knowing your needs and reasons for buying can make your decision-making smooth and easy. So, make a list of everything that comes to your mind at the personal level. At the same time, it may be helpful to inquire about certain things before committing a purchase so that you don’t have to face any trouble later. For example:

  • Does the product have any warranty period?
  • How about getting the spare parts if needed? 
  • Does the company offer after-sales customer support? 

Besides, you may also like to know how frequently a product of your choice will need servicing and who can do it for you. Knowing the cost involved in it is also necessary. Make sure you also find out if you can return a product in case there is any defect or it does not meet your needs. 

Compare the price

The market is teeming with countless retailers dealing in the area of mobility aids and equipment. No longer only specialists operate in this field. If you are aware of the product and the selling company beforehand, you can quickly do your research online to find the matching item for your needs and explore the price at different places. It will help you spend wisely on the equipment that you need.

It’s not very difficult yet not easy as well to choose disability friendly mobility solutions. These devices are essential to help your dear ones with the independence of movement that they desire. To what extent they can manage it on their own depends solely on their physical as well as mental strength. Nowadays, electric wheelchairs have come up as an excellent option for those who cannot move around freely due to some or other kind of disabilities. These are portable, foldable, as well as comfortable to manage. Some experts believe that these provide more safety than three or four-wheeled scooters. If you are looking for a mobility device for someone who cannot take a single step without support or who needs full help to go around a place, then getting a power wheelchair can be meaningful.  People suffering from spinal cord injuries or age-related cognitive defects or other problems can benefit a lot from this particular technological innovation.

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