Planning A Safe Road Trip with Family While Keeping Budgetary Limitations in Check


We are experiencing a period in the history of mankind where many of us have adopted a sedentary lifestyle. The age of information technology has got us binge-watching TV shows, playing online video games for continuous hours, and surfing through social media websites mindlessly for prolonged periods of time. This is why a family road trip should be considered as a chance to break away from this repetitive routine that we all have fallen victims to without even realizing what it is doing to our health and expectations from life. According to a survey by AAA Travel, nearly 100 million Americans are planning to go on a vacation this year. That accounts to four out of every 10 US adults, and road trips are considered as one of the most popular by all means when it comes to family vacation plans. Let us see how you can also plan for a great and fun-filled road trip for your family while making sure that safety and budgetary limitations are kept in check throughout the journey. 

Road Safety: The First & Foremost Priority

The current statistical data regarding road calamities is moving up the graphs, every individual has an equal responsibility to ensure safety before one takes out their vehicle on the road. This is easily depicted by the report presented by ASIRT (Association for Safe International Road Travel) where they claim a figure of 1.25 million people losing their lives every year due to road accidents. Hence it is clear that we all should maintain some measures to protect and safeguard ourselves and our loved ones from coming to harm while traveling on the road. These measures include road and traffic sense, car insurance, appropriate knowledge about the vehicle, and most importantly, how to save a life in case of danger. In a severe situation, you might be required to take care of a person in case of an accident or if something as fatal as a car crash occurs. Hence you might be able to make a difference on your own or acquire some assistance if it is available nearby.


 A Valid Driving License:

The foremost thing that you are required to ensure is that you have a driving license in hand with an expiry date that allows you to travel without any worries. This is a must in every case as its an essential requirement for all individuals before they even think of driving or getting out on roads by themselves.

Automobile Insurance:

Like any other insurance, car insurance plays an active role in a driver’s life as it provides legal aid in case of any kind of mishap. Be it the finances regarding car repair and damages or legal procedures that are needed, it can easily break down your financial load as you might have been paying for it already. 

Traffic Rules And Regulations:

One might think owning a car and getting it insured is well enough to go out and plan a long trip with family or friends but without a doubt, it is not. May it be a young spirit or a mature sensible adult, the rules and regulations are to be etched in their minds when one has to drive a vehicle and they should have the patience to follow them in accordance with their governing laws and regulations.

  • General traffic rules are made and followed in each state or country and may differ from one country to another. Having correct and appropriate understanding is important as it affects the way a driver drives since that can be changed or altered in a different country.
  • Traffic signals and abiding by them is a must for all.
  • Proper decoding of traffic signs should be known to all drivers as it helps in better understanding and application of the traffic rules.
  • An individual has to be attentive at all times while driving.
  • Mobile phone calls should never be answered when one is driving.
  • Having your seat belts on and tightened is necessary before you start driving.
  • To know which lane you have to drive on is elementary.

How to react in case of an accident:

There are certain ways through which you can minimize further damages to yourself and others if such a traumatizing event such as a car accident occurs. Here is what you should do:

  • Calm down your nerves and try to remain still for a couple of minutes.
  • Don’t and never try to evade the scene, this is against the law.
  • Observe carefully for any injuries.
  • Call the authorities immediately.
  • After informing the officials you should try moving your car to a safe spot off the road.
  • Turn on hazard lights and place cones around the scene if possible.
  • Gather as much information as possible regarding the whole incident.
  • Talk to witnesses if there are nearby.
  • Take plenty of pictures and don’t miss out on any small details.
  • File for claims and lawsuits as per the situation.

It should be noted that if you know someone or suffer from a back pain after car accident, then you should have it reported to doctors immediately. Furthermore, it will also deal you a great deal of good to hire an attorney to keep you away from further legal actions against you. 

These are some of the very basic rules that traffic regulations are comprised of and further study can offer you a comprehensive guide to make sure that you stay on the right side of the law. Therefore you should consider to study and review them from time to time in order to make sure that you drive to the best of your abilities and stay effective on the road. 

Some Common Tips for a Fun-Filled Family Trip

Now that we have covered the major scenario concerning the dangers that await you on the road, it is time that we move towards the lighter side of things. After all, life is best spent with loved ones and it is all about sharing memories together that you can recall and laugh about in your upcoming years.

Here is a quick guide as to how you should plan your family weekend road trip.

  • Always keep the kids in the limelight, negating their points of interest will evidently ruin your trip from the beginning.
  • Make sure that your entire trip expenses match your budgeting, never overspend but also keep some extra cash for emergencies.
  • Create a comprehensive plan from start to the end and then back to home. Don’t miss out on the details, they matter a lot.
  • Make sure that you have an easy to navigate map guiding you all the way to your destination. 
  • Take out time to visit and look at important landmarks and historical monuments along the way.
  • Make periodic stops to use the loo, for snacks, and walk since road trips can be long at times.
  • Keep some pillows and blankets if your friends or loved ones want to have a nap in the backseats.
  • Pack an umbrella and a rain jacket in the event of a weather emergency.
  • Park the car and rent a limo to tour your destination. Check out for great deals.

A Short Guide for Saving Money While Travelling

Without a proper plan or a comprehensive walkthrough of your entire crusade, chances for incurring more expenses during your trip naturally increases. Thus to keep your wallet’s health up and making sure that you remain under a set budget, here are some great guidelines to follow:

  • If you considering staying at a motel or hotel during the length of your journey, then it is best that you pre-book your accommodations. Finding a vacancy in the nick of time can be a nightmare. Plus this will also allow you to research your options to the point that you select the one that is most appropriate for you and your family.
  • Take into account credit cards that offer you rewards whenever you make a pit stop for gas or fuel. Furthermore, you can also plan a route that offers you easy access to cheaper gas stations along the way as well.
  • Travel with gifts vouchers and coupons of popular restaurants and franchises. This will allow you to maximize on cutting down your dining out expense by availing discounts along the way.
  • Pack your travel items wisely so that you do not have to stop at a shop to buy something that you already own back at your house. Hence it would be best to keep a list of things including phone chargers, camera batteries, and other staples that you might need, and carry them with you.

That is it for our list of things you should take care off while making plans for your next road trip. Stay safe and drive safe. Rules and regulations are only there to make our lives easier and stress-free. Always maintain your level best to never cross the law.  

We hope this post was able to offer you some great insights as to how you should cater to your safety and fun needs while traveling on the road. For more queries and questions regarding the topic, please feel free to let us know of your comments in the section below. 

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